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The Zezenia Online Public Test Server is now online! Download the test client here to get started. The Test Server is based on a snapshot taken earlier today, so all of your progress may not be reflected.

Please post your feedback and bug reports in this thread. Check the list of known issues below before posting.

The Bestiary

The newly added Bestiary details all monsters to be found in the world of Zezenia and serves as a personal collection. Killing a monster will unlock its bestiary page along with common stats & loot.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Avid beast collectors can work to familiarize themselves and ultimately master each monster, unlocking very rare loot along the way. Bestiary kills are shared between all players. Newly added Beast Collector, Beast Master & Beast Grandmaster achievements are earned by unlocking & mastering monsters in the bestiary.

The Bestiary can be opened from the new Library menu or using CTRL + B.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Monster Boosts are available for purchase in the bestiary using noble Zezenian coins. Options include a +25% experience boost, increased enraged & elite spawns and a monster health debuff.

Active boosts are shared with all players on the game world, and can be seen on login & from the Bestiary. Generous community members will receive thanks for their boost purchases!

New Eidos

The beginner town of Eidos and associated beginner quests has received a major overhaul. Discover a new old town of many hardships following a war with the mad wizard Bollahar. Some of the new quests are still a work in progress as we work on finishing touches.

Eidos houses have moved in the map and will lose their owners. As compensation, the current owners (at this time) of these houses will receive compensation and timed exclusive bidding rights. Your items will be moved to the depot.

Bandit Camps

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

New Bandit Camps have appeared across the map. Make your way to these outlaw encampments through the world map to clear them & loot their treasure.

Unfortunately crime is spreading across the lands and new encampments will appear in the future. The difficulty level of each camp will vary from low to high levels, with the first camps tailored towards beginners.

World Map Changes

Added new solo hunting spawns for Werebear (available now) & Mighty Magician Werebear (coming soon).
Added new islands: solo Geck'zah area & team Crabs & Unholy Dreadlords. (Coming soon)
Expanded Devil spawn.
Slightly expanded Dreadlord spawn.
Slightly expanded Chenoo spawn. (Coming soon)

Full Changelog

Quoting Changelog:

New in Zezenia

- The Bestiary: collect every monster in Zezenia to your personal bestiary. Master each monster to unlock loot information and gain achievements.

- New Talents System: each subclass has their own talent tree with varying tiers & two special talents to choose from.

- New Eidos: discover the new old beginner town ravaged by war. Exact revenge on the mad wizard Bollahar for the people of Eidos by completing the new chain of beginner quests.

- Bandit Camps: look out for newly added outlaw encampments on the World Map. Raid and clear them out for random loot.

- The Library: discover information about monsters, spells, subclasses & talents inside the game.

- Replaced Talents in the Abilities window with equipment and talent Stats.

- Added a network latency indicator. The indicator can be toggled in game settings.

- Added opt-in automatic crash & bug reports. Error reports are submitted if the game client crashes. Reporting can be toggled in the game settings.

- Added minimap markers for all boats.

- Added the option to show an inline mana bar below the health bar.

- Added a warning on login if there are insufficient funds in the bank for house rent.


- Certain spells are no longer usable behind walls or on targets in protection areas.

- Arena & dungeon restricted spells are now disabled in the Castle War event.

- A loot dialog is now shown on dungeon completion if any items are received.

- Improved quest log organization & sorting.

- Lower level raid broadcasts are now only seen in nearby areas.


- Server & client performance & networking improvements.

- Fixed issues with right clicking items in overlapping container windows.

- Fixed a rare issue with players being unable to walk after login.

Quoting Known issues:

- Loot may overflow in the Bestiary dialog on some monsters.

- Some monsters are misaligned in the Bestiary.

- Some Bandit Camps shown on the map are not yet added.

- New outfits have minor transparency glitches.

See you on the Test Server!

Zezenia Staff
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