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This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

Extra Talent Points

Additional talent points can now be gained by completing quests and tasks. The first two points are available by:

- Completing the Hero of Eidos quests by talking to NPC Arme.

- Finding all eight golden ornaments hidden in the game map.

More tasks to complete are coming soon.

New Quests

- Added three new beginner quests to Gulshan Village. Updated Gulshan Village map.

- Added four new Explorer achievement ornaments around the world.

- Moved Elvish Wine quest to Humwich. Updated Humwich boat & map.


- HP & XP adjustments to various monsters: Thief, Thug, Orc Apprentice, Graboid, Jesse James, Golem, Ice Golem, Gnome.

- Drop rate increased for Cave Crab claws, Goblin ears.

- Tavern Tales #3 success chance increased.

- NPC Ulli in Eidos now sells more beginner items.

- Quest dialogue improvements.

- Extra Hooligans added to humanoid Dungeons.

- Map Markers: boats are now labeled with their location. Added low level gathering spots. Improvements and corrections to markers.

- Shield Slam, Lethal Ambush, Dexterous Shot, Shockwave: reduced ML requirement to level 6.

- Magical Conversion: reduced mana cost and level requirement to 5.

- Ethereal Displacement now requires the target to be in the caster's party.

- Timed Hero of Eidos reward changed - thank you to everyone who logged in and set the seasonal server off well :)

Safety in Zezenia Online

The Zezenia Online Staff would like to remind all players that inappropriate conduct is not tolerated. As outlined in our Privacy Policy, all game chats are logged for safety purposes. Reports of inappropriate messages will be reviewed by the staff for the safety and wellbeing of all players.

Zezenia Staff
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