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The Zezenia Online Spring Update has been released! The game client will download the latest update automatically. Steam users may need to restart to receive the update. And, as always, you can download Zezenia here.

Adopt a Pet

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The Pet Shop is now open! Pick from a variety of first batch Pet Scrolls to adopt your furry best new friend. They will follow you into battle, picking up loot from bodies along the way. Feeding fish to the pet will grant a healing buff.

Season Three Pet Scroll: Atlas level 300+ players will find the exclusive Grag Hound Pet Scroll in their depot box.

Watch the update teaser to see the pets in action:

NPC Conversations

Conversations with non-player characters now take place in a private NPC chat tab. Other players may no longer eavesdrop on your conversations, and each NPC can serve multiple players at a time. Click orange keywords to instantly reply, saving time from typing.

Quoting Full changelog:

New Features

- Pets: purchase a new cute companion from the Pet Shop. Your best friend will pick up loot from bodies, and eat your leftover fish for magical buffs.

- Season Three Pet Scroll: check the depot of your level 300 Atlas character(s) for your exclusive Grag Hound pet scroll.

- NPC Conversations Tab: talk in private using the new NPC chat tab. Click highlighted keywords to reply without typing. Stop waiting in line, as every NPC can now serve multiple players at a time.

- Added a highlight effect when hovering the mouse on usable objects.

- Added a secret new bestiary achievement.


- Outfit & Pet Scrolls now require a second right click to confirm & avoid accidental consumption.

- Added training outfit unlock to Hero of Eidos completion (previously unlocked by finishing Arne's Tasks).


- Fixed Quest Log progression display for Bestiary achievements.

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