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The Zezenia Colosseum Update has been released! As always, your client will update automatically, and you can download Zezenia Online from the website or Steam.

Here's what's new:

Enter the Colosseum

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

By orders of the King: the Ellarian poor quarters Colosseum has been renovated for a grand spectacle. Does your party have what it takes to set a record in the ring?

Up to five players may enter the Colosseum at a time. By battling increasingly tougher waves of monsters, they may set a new record in the High Scores.

Entrance to the Colosseum costs 500 gold per player level. There is no experience gain, loot dropped or death loss in the arena.

New Pets

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Adopt the cute Fairy pet companion from the Pet Shop! The fairy flaps her wings while picking up loot and healing you.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Or show off your devilish side with the Devilkin pet! This little devil stays by your side, always giving off a bad influence...

Extra Talent Points

Bonus Talent Points can now be unlocked by:

- Reaching level 50 in Fishing, Gathering & Brewing

- Completing 200 dungeons

- Reaching 500 Achievement Points

Zezenia Season Four

Zezenia Season Four drops next month. Look out for the details in the coming days...

Quoting Changelog:

- Added the Colosseum, a new special arena featuring increasingly tougher waves of monsters. Players may enter by themselves or in parties of two to five players.

- Added extra talent points for reaching level 50 in Fishing, Gathering & Brewing, completing 200 Dungeons & reaching 500 Achievement Points.

- Added new Fairy and Devilkin pets.

- Fixed locators not using the NPC Conversation tab.

- Fixed conversation issues with the "Let Numbers Speak!" quest.

Zezenia Staff
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