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A new Zezenia Online update has been released. The game client will download the update automatically, or you can download Zezenia here. Here's what's new:

Mysteries of Tarmell

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

The isolated group of islands known as Tarmell is located southeast from Gulshan Village. This seemingly peaceful town may have something more to it under the surface...

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

The first part of this quest is now available to play.

Beta: Lag Protection

Sometimes the internet connection between Zezenia and your computer can be severed or interrupted. Lag Protection will now kick in to protect your character in these moments.

If a laggy connection is detected the player becomes invisible, untargetable and undamageable by monsters. After thirty seconds the player is kicked from the game. However, Lag Protection does not apply if the player is currently in PvP combat.

Players now have three seconds to refocus themselves on the battle at hand after logging in again. Making any steps or casting spells will cut this time short.

The Lag Protection feature is in Beta and is initially enabled on the Everest server. Although we hope that you don't experience any lag whatsoever, please let us know of your experiences, if any, below.

Season Four Outfit

Level 300+ players can now claim the exclusive Season Four Outfit Scroll from NPC Rewardo. Please be sure to do this before the season ends, as with the other rewards.

Full Changelog

- Added the new Tarmell area of islands to the map.

- Added the Season Four exclusive outfit scroll claimable from NPC Rewardo.

- Updated stats of Death Knight, Grand Inquisitor & Vanguard sets.

- Fixed Icy Terror & Ice Thrower order in Osvald & Thorvald tasks.

- Added Ice Golems, Glacial Giants and some Snowbeasts around Karkkila.

- Removed Raging Curses from islands east of Gulshan desert.

- Removed Haunted Dracoliches from hardcore Horned Dragon / Evil Ent / Elder Ent spawn.

- Removed one singular Dracolich Spectre from Quagvill Xyioquan Dragon spawn.

- Fixed directional keys sticking if the game window loses focus.

Zezenia Staff
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