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The Test Server is now closed. Stay tuned for the next test soon!

Dynamic Equipment

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Dynamic Equipment brings an entirely new dimension of possibilities to dropped loot! Looted equipment is assigned a Rarity Tier of Ordinary, Epic or Legendary. The secondary stats of the item are then randomly rolled according to its rarity.

The Attack & Defense attributes of each item are static, whereas the secondary and bonus attributes are randomly picked on drop. The tier of the item determines how many stats are added: two for Ordinary, three for Epic & four attributes for Legendary. The type of the item determines the allowed attributes.

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Newly added are one or two Bonus Stats per tier: Experience Boost %, Stamina Boost %, Gathering Boost%, Fishing Boost %, Item Loot Boost %, Gold Loot Boost % and Collectible Loot Boost %.

Dynamic attributes apply to most equipment items in the game, with the exception of certain quest items, quivers and bags. Dynamic items are tradeable to other players, shops and on the market as usual. Existing items in circulation will keep their current stats without an assigned tier.

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Equipment Enchanting

Take your rare quest equipment to the next level with Enchanting! By using new rare ores, items can be enchanted for a chance to randomly upgrade the tier or stats of the item.

If you don't like the resulting stats, you may choose to keep your item as is. However, the ores will be consumed either way. Enchanting is only available for rare equipment dropped from quests and dungeons, such as the noble Zezenian set. Eligible quest items without an assigned tier may also be enchanted.

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The facilities for Enchanting can be found in the Ellarian Poor Quarters.

Daily Boss

The King's Royal Knights have managed to capture Bollahar's latest abomination in the Ellaria Poor Quarters Prison. Known as Mighty Balmor, Bollahar's dark magic remains strong in the crazed creature. Imprisoned, he continues to reappear and refine rare ores from the prison's materials.

It's up to brave adventurers to enter the daily mini-dungeon, face Balmor and collect their ores as a reward. The dungeon is available every 22 hours. This is the only known way to acquire the ores required for Enchanting.

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One to five players may enter the boss dungeon at a time. The difficulty of the boss scales up with the level of players. The minimum level to enter is 100.

To reset the daily cooldown on the Test Server ask NPC Halmar to "reset" your character.

Other changes

- Removed exhaust penalty when casting spells.
- Raised the maximum number of open containers to 50.
- Improvements to Soul Harvester, Templar, Lince Ghost Den, Lizard & Haunted Dracolich spawns.

Known issues
- The bestiary displays outdated equipment information for dynamic loot.

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