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This week's Server Save / Client Update includes the following upgrades:

Game Engine Upgrade

The Zezenia Online game engine has been upgraded with a new graphics backend. Players will see:

Better Performance: most players should see at least a modest increase in their FPS (Frames Per Second). The biggest improvement can be seen on lower end hardware such as laptops, integrated graphics cards, and certain series of graphics cards.

Increased Compatibility: the previous engine based older Direct3D 9 technology has served us well, but encountered increasing performance issues & crashes with modern graphics card drivers. The new renderer makes use of modern technologies and has wide compatibility.

Added Portability: using the new engine we are happy to announce:

macOS & Linux Beta

The all new macOS and Linux clients are now available to download from Steam. The macOS client is an Universal Binary with support for Apple M1/M2 & Intel devices. The Linux client is built for x86_64 devices.

Standalone Mac & Linux releases will be available for download outside of Steam later after a testing period.

Other changes

Quoting Full changelog:

Note: these upgrades are coming to the game tomorrow.
- Readded the Enraged & Elite boost to the Bestiary. This boost can now be stacked with server wide enraged & elite events.
- Slightly increased the base chances of Enraged & Elite monsters spawning.

Zezenia Staff
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