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Zezenia Season Six is almost through! Here is a list of questions & answers on what will happen after the season ends:

End of Season

The season ends on Tuesday July 9th, 2024. At this time the server will shut down, and characters will become transferable to Elysium or Pharos. The Season Points Shop will be open for business with brand new and familiar deals on Outfit Scrolls, Pet Scrolls, Premium Items & more!

Closure of Zera

The Zera Game World will be shut down at the end of the season, and characters will be transferable as is without restrictions to Elysium & Pharos at that time.

Personal Checklist

To make sure that you’re ready to transfer, complete the following steps:

- Redeem any seasonal rewards including season points from NPC Rewardo outside the Ellaria depot.

- Deposit any gold & diamonds in your inventory or house into the bank.

Character Transfers

Transfer restrictions apply to characters moving from Avalon only.

Transfering a character to a new Game World will have the following effects:

- The level of the character is capped to level 200 regardless of the level on Avalon or destination world.

- The skills of each character are capped at level 100. The magic level of each character is capped at level 75.

- Inventory items are wiped with the exception of transferable items listed below.

- Bank gold is converted to noble Zezenian coins at a rate of 300 000 gold to one coin.

- Season Points are deposited to your account and available for use on the Season Points Shop.

- Collected Challenge Points will be multiplied by 10x.

Transferable Items

- Gold and cash is lost and must be deposited to the bank beforehand.
- Items available from the Premium Shop, including Premium Cards, Outfit & Pet Scrolls, Experience Boosts, Dungeon Tickets, ... but excluding noble coins.
- Any item marked as “Collectible” type.
- Any other rare collectibles such as dolls, trophies, streamer rewards, event rewards, etc.
- Any seasonal reward items.
- Any container items, including quivers.
- Zezenium ore balance is preserved.

End of Season Update

The next Game Update is coming soon after the end of the season! Stay tuned for more news.

Zezenia Staff
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