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GM Eden
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8th November 2018 21:09:36 (Last edited 8th November 2018 21:42:58)

It's time to start a sage application process to gather some new sages to assist players with questions and problems ingame and take part in private test servers. We're highly in need for some PvP sages, preferably on Novus. If you play non-pvp you're also welcome, of course. If you have any desire to become a sage, read through this thread and send in your application!

The duty of a sage is quite simply to help players, both new and old, especially in the Support channel. Sages do not hold any other powers besides their highlighted text in the ingame Support channel. Of course occasional private test servers are held, where sages can participate. Read more about sages in the Game Manual.

What we require from all sages is good English, good knowledge of the game itself and a desire to help people out. Also note that we will not consider players with notable criminal records for this position.

To apply for sage position send an e-mail to [email protected] answering the following set of simple questions:
- How long have you played Zezenia Online?
- How often and on what game worlds do you play Zezenia?
- In a range from 1 to 10, how well do you think you know Zezenia?
- In a few words, what would you change in Zezenia?
- Who are you? (tell briefly about yourself, things such as where you are from)
- What/which characters would you like to have the sage status on?

Set the subject to "Sage Application" for fast processing. We will respond to all sage applications within 1 week. If you are already a sage and would like to have sage status on a new character, you can send an e-mail about that too.

Thanks to all participants and good luck!
Your Zezenia Online Staff

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8th November 2018 21:44:06 (Last edited 12th November 2018 11:53:15)

The Warlockk

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9th November 2018 03:27:45 (Last edited 9th November 2018 12:16:22)

Hopefully game gets better now under new ownership
GM Eden
Community Manager

11th November 2018 23:40:29

Hi everyone!

We have received and reviewed all of your applications and we have come to a conclusion. I'd like to welcome the new sages to our team and look forward working with them.

Congratulations to Deadpool, Sense Offender, Kazaroth, Bohemiian, Allusion and Bolteador!

We hope you make our players their Zezenian experience a wonderful one.

Lion The Warmaster

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14th November 2018 01:12:57

Good luck and good game for everyone. I'm missing the gameplay! <3