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Zezenia Online is a free to play 2D MMORPG inspired by the classics. Online since 2008.

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Explore the vast continents of Zezenia.
Start your adventure as a Warrior, Ranger or Mage.
Fight your way to the top in PvP or battle fierce monsters in non-PvP.
Explore a vast map of four unique continents. Discover hundreds of spells, monsters and creatures.
Ascend to one of seven subclasses: Shaman, Pyromancer, Warlock, Paladin, Barbarian, Rogue or Marksman.
Solve hundreds of quests and learn the Zezenian lore. Become a hero.
Gather herbs and brew your own potions. Fish your own food.
Trade items on the ingame market with other players.
Join a guild to dominate PvP or keep the realm safe.

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Zezenia is free to play and works on almost all computers.

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Map of Zezenia city Ellaria

This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Weekly Events: get +25% XP from all orcs & look for increased raids on all worlds until next Wednesday.

- Fixed Arrow Volley paralyzing players in non-PvP areas.

- Minor map fixes.

Zezenia Staff

This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Double Event: +25% XP from all Orknies and increased enraged & elite monsters on all worlds! The event is on until next Wednesday.

- Piercing Shot now debuffs all monsters in its range.

- Fixed bug in NPC Atticus.

- Small map tweaks and fixes.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff

This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Lizard Event: get +25% XP from Geck'zah, Geck'zard, Lizard Warrior, Lizard Spellweaver and Lizard Guardians until Wednesday 17th.

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- Added Hell Raids to Ben Qarassih! Slay Chivo, Hellborne and their demonic minions to claim your loot from the Reward Chests. The first three players to reach the chest get loot and receive 20 Season Points. (Available first on Titan)

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

- Kpunda Lighter spawn has been expanded and improved.

- Updated Boulder Thrower combat mechanics.

- Adjusted Bewilderment strength.

- Fixed gathering goblin spawn on incorrect tiles.

- Fog Yeti, Fog Demon & Leprechaun raids no longer have a message but occur more frequently.

- Smuggler's Life: Atticus will now take gold from either bags or bank correctly.

See you in game!

Zezenia Staff