Announcement Zezenia Season Six is over: transfer your character

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Zezenia Online is a free to play 2D MMORPG inspired by the classics. Online since 2008.

Begin a new adventure

Welcome to Zezenia Online! Create your free character and choose between three distinct classes: Warrior, Ranger or Mage. Ascend to one of seven subclasses: Paladin, Barbarian, Rogue, Marksman, Warlock, Pyromancer or Shaman.

Take part in fast-paced PvP battles to prove your skills or hunt depraved creatures in non-PvP areas and game worlds. Complete over a hundred quests and ten dungeons to discover the lore and gain exclusive loot.

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Explore the vast continents of Zezenia.

Loot the best equipment

Dropped equipment in Zezenia is assigned a random tier from Ordinary to Epic to Legendary. The attributes of each item are randomized according to the tier & item rarity, making every piece of equipment distinct. The possibilities are endless!

Hunt bosses and solve quests for the rarest pieces of equipment. Enchant rares using ores to upgrade the tier and stats of the item. Trade loot & equipment on the ingame market with sell & buy offers.

a Noble Zezenian Sword a Noble Zezenian Sword a Noble Zezenian Sword

Complete the Bestiary

Defeat each one of Zezenia's monsters & bosses to unlock their Bestiary entry. Keep hunting each species to unlock full details about dropped loot.

Get an edge in hunts by purchasing Monster Boosts from the Bestiary. Boosts add experience & buff the rate of special Elite monsters, which drop extra experience and rare loot.

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Adopt your own pet

Purchase a Pet Scroll to adopt one of Zezenia's many Pets. Focus on fighting monsters while your best friend picks up dropped loot automatically.

Eat fish & food collected by Fishing & Gathering to regenerate your health and mana. Leftovers can be given to pets for a small healing buff!

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Zezenia is free to play and works on almost all computers.

Active notification:
Zezenia Season Six is over. Transfers to Elysium and Pharos from Avalon and Zera are open at

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The Sixth Season of Zezenia Online has come to an end! Thanks to all players who participated on the Seasonal Server. Check your Account Page to transfer your characters to Elysium & Pharos and continue the journey!

In addition, the Season Points Shop is now open for business once again. Your season points will become available for use after transfering each character. The Hall of Fame will be released shortly after all results are verified.

For more details about Avalon transfer restrictions, see the End of Season post.

The Zera Game World has also come to an end. Zera characters may be transfered to Elysium or Pharos "as is", with no restrictions.

A beast is about to awaken… stay tuned for the End of Season update, and more new content coming soon!

Zezenia Staff

Zezenia Season Six is almost through! Here is a list of questions & answers on what will happen after the season ends:

End of Season

The season ends on Tuesday July 9th, 2024. At this time the server will shut down, and characters will become transferable to Elysium or Pharos. The Season Points Shop will be open for business with brand new and familiar deals on Outfit Scrolls, Pet Scrolls, Premium Items & more!

Closure of Zera

The Zera Game World will be shut down at the end of the season, and characters will be transferable as is without restrictions to Elysium & Pharos at that time.

Personal Checklist

To make sure that you’re ready to transfer, complete the following steps:

- Redeem any seasonal rewards including season points from NPC Rewardo outside the Ellaria depot.

- Deposit any gold & diamonds in your inventory or house into the bank.

Character Transfers

Transfer restrictions apply to characters moving from Avalon only.

Transfering a character to a new Game World will have the following effects:

- The level of the character is capped to level 200 regardless of the level on Avalon or destination world.

- The skills of each character are capped at level 100. The magic level of each character is capped at level 75.

- Inventory items are wiped with the exception of transferable items listed below.

- Bank gold is converted to noble Zezenian coins at a rate of 300 000 gold to one coin.

- Season Points are deposited to your account and available for use on the Season Points Shop.

- Collected Challenge Points will be multiplied by 10x.

Transferable Items

- Gold and cash is lost and must be deposited to the bank beforehand.
- Items available from the Premium Shop, including Premium Cards, Outfit & Pet Scrolls, Experience Boosts, Dungeon Tickets, ... but excluding noble coins.
- Any item marked as “Collectible” type.
- Any other rare collectibles such as dolls, trophies, streamer rewards, event rewards, etc.
- Any seasonal reward items.
- Any container items, including quivers.
- Zezenium ore balance is preserved.

End of Season Update

The next Game Update is coming soon after the end of the season! Stay tuned for more news.

Zezenia Staff

A Zezenia Online Game Update has been released. The game client will update automatically. Steam users may need to restart to receive updates.

This update includes the following changes:

Cursor Spells

Cursor Spells allow players to aim areal spells using the mouse. The area of effect for each spell is drawn over the map.

Hellish Volley, Meteor Shower & Hailstorm can now be toggled between single target and cursor targeting.

Creature Tooltips

Creature tooltips display relevant information about a hovered player, pet or monster.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

The visibility of tooltips can now be toggled in the settings by item, monster & player type individually.

New Talents & Buff Durations

The duration of common buff spells such as Speed Boost now increases with the player’s level. Every ten (10) levels gained will increment the length of affected spells.

Newly added Luck, Magic & Dodge Talents allow high level players to further prolong their buffs and increase stats by 0.25% per point.

Balancing Changes

Buffed damage of Cleave. Added reduced Cleave damage behind the player.

Buffed damage of Mortal Melody. Mortal Melody now heals players in range.

Buffed Precision.

Extended the area of Hellish Volley.

Reduced Traps cooldown to 16 seconds from 18 seconds.

Fixed Critical Continuum to 100% of hits.

Full Changelog

- Added Creature Tooltips on hover to players, pets and monsters. Tooltips show a creature's health & a player or pet's level, owner and guild.
- Added new tooltip toggles by Items, Monsters & Players to the game settings.
- Made a quiver of nature, a deadly quiver, a noble Zezenian quiver, a vanguard quiver, a devilish quiver Enchantable.
- Reduced prices of Enchanting Locks.
- Improved the shop buy/sell list layout to display inventory items first.
- Added shops that an item can be purchased from to the Item Library.
- Updated Meteor Shower animation.
- Updated Boulder Thrower spawns.
- Made it possible to double click a character in the login screen to log in.
- Made it possible to double click an item offer in the shop & premium shop list to buy or sell.
- Made it possible to double click a pet in the pet library to spawn.
- Disabled the right click menu by default (formerly "classic right click").
- Added new CTRL + right click options to other players: Add as friend, Add as foe, Invite to party & Invite to trade.
- Enabled the hover cursor by default.
- Slightly reduced the rate of luck potions dropped by elite monsters. Restricted luck potions to monsters with 1000 or more experience points.
- The same raid can no longer occur twice in a row.
- Fixed Looter & Collector achievement progress display between 0% and 100% not working.
- Fixed Ben Qarassih Catacombs raid not dropping dynamic equipment.
- Fixed incorrect scrollbar sizing when filtering in certain dialogs.
- Fixed a possible client crash.

Zezenia Staff
The Public Test Server is now live! Join the testing here.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control Zezenia Online is removing support for PagSeguro and Boleto payments in Latin & South America this Saturday June 1st. Visa, MasterCard, Apple & Google Pay and Steam Wallet remain available in these locations.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are seeking a new solution to provide local payments in Brazil and other Latin & South America locations again. This change has no effect on customers in other locations such as North America or Europe.

Zezenia Staff
A Zezenia Online Game Update has been released. The game client will update automatically. Steam users may need to restart to receive updates.

This week's Server Save includes the following updates:

Enchanting Lock

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Refine your favorite equipment to its finest by setting one or more Enchanting Locks. Using a lock on an attribute will stop it from changing during enchanting. However, locking does not come for cheap: up to three locks can be purchased for varying noble coin prices up to ~100 million gold.

Loot Counters

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Automatic Loot Counters have been added to the Bestiary & Item Library. Keep track of how many items of each type you have looted during your career by item or monster type and equipment tier. Four new loot related Achievements have been added, two of which are secret.

Battle List Toggle

The appearance of specific monsters in the Battle Window can now be controlled in the Bestiary. Should you wish to temporarily see a hidden monster again, hold down the Shift key.

Full Changelog

Quoting Full changelog 2024-05-24:
- Added the ability to automatically loot ground items using Shift + Right Click.
- Added empty vial and barrel icons options to item labels.
- Fixed blinking buff tooltips during stamina or training changes.
- Fixed pet buffs not working.
- Fixed issues purchasing bestiary boosts.
- Fixed home training doll offline training issues.

Zezenia Staff

This week’s Server Save includes the following changes:

Balancing Updates

The balancing changes made for Zezenia Season Six are now live on all game worlds. The public Test Server remains open for the time being, but players will have to redownload the newest client.

Update Changelog

- Added missing clickable keywords to all shop/trade NPC's.
- Added Ammunition, Potion & Empties (potions) item categories.
- Monsters are now sorted in the Battle Window by their absolute health instead of health percentage.
- Monster spawns located on other levels can now be seen in the World Map's ground level view.
- Removed superfluous protection zones in Culthan Ruins spawn.
- The Home Training Doll now grants a 5% skill bonus compared to regular training.
- The Home Brewing Cauldron now grants a random chance to yield extra potions while brewing.
- Fixed looted, purchased or conjured ammunition going to loot bag over the equipped quiver.
- Fixed Quest Log text not updating if the first quest in the quest list has been updated.
- Fixed hovered Battle Window monster blinking when moving.
- Fixed a client crash.

Zezenia Staff