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Zezenia Online is a free to play 2D MMORPG inspired by the classics. Online since 2008.

Begin a new adventure

Welcome to Zezenia Online! Create your free character and choose between three distinct classes: Warrior, Ranger or Mage. Ascend to one of seven subclasses: Paladin, Barbarian, Rogue, Marksman, Warlock, Pyromancer or Shaman.

Take part in fast-paced PvP battles to prove your skills or hunt depraved creatures in non-PvP areas and game worlds. Complete over a hundred quests and ten dungeons to discover the lore and gain exclusive loot.

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Explore the vast continents of Zezenia.

Loot the best equipment

Dropped equipment in Zezenia is assigned a random tier from Ordinary to Epic to Legendary. The attributes of each item are randomized according to the tier & item rarity, making every piece of equipment distinct. The possibilities are endless!

Hunt bosses and solve quests for the rarest pieces of equipment. Enchant rares using ores to upgrade the tier and stats of the item. Trade loot & equipment on the ingame market with sell & buy offers.

a Noble Zezenian Sword a Noble Zezenian Sword a Noble Zezenian Sword

Complete the Bestiary

Defeat each one of Zezenia's monsters & bosses to unlock their Bestiary entry. Keep hunting each species to unlock full details about dropped loot.

Get an edge in hunts by purchasing Monster Boosts from the Bestiary. Boosts add experience & buff the rate of special Elite monsters, which drop extra experience and rare loot.

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Adopt your own pet

Purchase a Pet Scroll to adopt one of Zezenia's many Pets. Focus on fighting monsters while your best friend picks up dropped loot automatically.

Eat fish & food collected by Fishing & Gathering to regenerate your health and mana. Leftovers can be given to pets for a small healing buff!

Join Zezenia Online

Zezenia is free to play and works on almost all computers.

Van Bosten Zera +132 289 287 experience
Maatheuzinhoo Elysium +329 351 962 experience
Itzal Pharos +367 025 794 experience

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Map of Zezenia city Ellaria

This week’s Server Save includes the following changes:

- Added Hardcore Chenoo Hunting Zone to Norrneau.
- Expanded the new Lizard Guardian spawn.
- Added few monsters to the new HC Lone Eye spawn.
- Added Unholy Dreadlords to the Zant'Kua HC spawn.
- Adjusted the existing HC Sand Terror / Murderous Cave Crab spawn.

Zezenia Staff

This week’s Server Save includes the following changes:

- Added NPC’s (People) to the world map dialog.
- Added new Hardcore Hunting Zone for Lone Eyes in Aranagua.
- Added new Lizard Guardian spawn.
- Added a small spawn downstairs at Tarmell Templar Knight / Priests.
- Added Ghosts in Tarmell castle.
- Added Soul Harvesters to existing spawn.
- Slightly expanded Wildling spawn in Tarmell.
- Removed doors from minimap for pathing.
- Fixed duplicate monster spawns appearing in the world map.
- Fixed client crashes in brewing & bestiary windows.

Zezenia Staff

End of Season

Zezenia Season Five has come to an end and Cronus has closed. Transfer your character from the account page to continue playing. Read the Season Ending announcement for more information on transfers.

The Season Points Shop is now open for business! Earned Season Points are deposited into your account and ready to use after transfering each character.

The Season Five Hall of Fame will be published shortly once the results are verified.

The end of season update includes the following changes:

Monster World Map

The new Monsters tab in the World Map makes it easier than ever to find creatures in the world of Zezenia. Every spawn for every monster in the Bestiary can be found in the map.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Use the added search box to find monsters & quest markers. Remain oriented using the new ground level indicator.

Upgraded Brewing Dialog

The new brewing dialog makes brewing potions a snap. Choose from the list of learned & available recipes, and see the type and amount of ingredients required for each potion type and size. Click the "maximum" button to brew as many potions as possible from the inventory.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Account Wide Challenge Points

Note: unfortunately the sharing of Challenge Points between characters has been delayed. We are working to release this feature as soon as possible. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Full Changelog

- Added monsters to the World Map.
- Added a level indicator to the World Map.
- Added Stamina & Training Recovery Scrolls available from the Season Points Shop exclusively.
- Upgraded the brewing dialog.
- Added "Gatherable" type to gathered items.
- Added "Recipe" type to brewing recipes.
- Added "Minimum Level" tooltip information to brewing recipes.
- Added "Fish" type to fish.
- Fixed offset issue with some animations.
- Fixed an issue with login screen controls remaining on screen.

Zezenia Staff