15th April 2019 20:02:49

The staff spends a lot of time processing support tickets from players who have forgotten or lost their accounts. Unfortunately, verifying the identity of an account owner often proves to be difficult. This is why we'd like to outline some best practices for safekeeping your account and making sure you don't lose access to your character:

- Use a password manager! Apps like Bitwarden and 1Password make it easy to save your account name and password in secure and encrypted storage. By remembering your master passphrase, you can keep all your credentials safe in one place.

- Use unique passwords for every website. In the event of a data breach somewhere, a leaked password can be used to steal your account on other services. By using a password manager, you can generate a strong and unique password for every service without having to remember every one of them.

- Use a real email address. Many players have signed up using invalid or throwaway email addresses, and then forgotten their account details. This makes it very difficult for us to verify their identity.

- Keep your computer up to date. Install all security updates to the operating system, web browser and other apps. This protects you from security vulnerabilities.

These are best practices for online security in general, and we strongly recommend you follow these tips. Stay safe!

Zezenia Staff

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15th April 2019 20:32:34 (Last edited 15th April 2019 20:33:33)

Why you don't follow up with, "Do not forget. In a scenario where you do lose credentials... We have an Interface!"

Lost Login Interface

Lost Password Interface

Have a nice day!