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30th May 2020 22:36:37 (Last edited 9th June 2020 16:26:14)

The Test Server is over! Thank you for participating. We will now put the finishing touches on the update based on your feedback!


Test Server Rewards

First off: active players on the Test Server will be rewarded! Bug reporters will receive Premium Cards and many other gifts as a token of our gratitude. Help us perfect this update for everyone!

You can submit your feedback using CTRL + R ingame, in this thread or the Discord channel. (You've already joined, right?)

Elite Monsters

Elite monsters are a new class of rare spawns in addition to enraged monsters! Elites are fierce and tough with three times the HP and twice the damage. They reward brave hunters with 10x experience and almost guaranteed rare drops!

You will recognize elite monsters from their eerie black glow and icon. Be careful!

Bonus Dungeons

Entering a dungeon now has a small chance of taking your party to a Bonus Dungeon! Clear the bonus and its unique monsters to find the treasure chest! Bonus dungeons are available on dungeons with premium card entry.

New Minimap Icons

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

New minimap icons have been added for temples, depots, various NPC's and Arne task locations.

Ingame Tooltips & Quest Dialogs

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Signs, portals and other objects now display tooltips on mouseover. Certain quests now show a loot popup with gained items.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

PvP blessings & murder

PvP death loss recovery has been replaced with a PvP blessing available from NPC Albert in Bersund. Blessed players lose 50% less experience when dying in PvP combat. Deaths from before the update are still recoverable in any temple.

Murder state is now gained from 5 unjustified kills in a day, 10 kills in a week or 15 kills in a month. Outlaws drop one or two random items on death. They may bribe NPC Collin or Lasse with gold to remove their skull.

Server Upgrade

The test server is hosted on a new game server! The new server contains cutting edge hardware and is located in a new North American datacenter. We hope that this provides a better than ever experience for players.

Please let us know about your experience on the new server. If all goes well, we will migrate Elysium and Pharos on the new servers during the update.

And much more

This is just a peek at some of the new things in the update! There are countless tweaks, improvements and fixes. You can review the full changelog below:

Quoting Full changelog for Zezenia Online 7.3:

New features

- Numerous Class and Subclass changes; details listed below.

- Added rare Elite monsters with 10x experience and rare loot. Elite monsters have more health and inflict more damage than usual.

- Added Bonus Dungeons. Players entering a dungeon with Premium Card entry have a chance to be sent into a bonus dungeon. Bonus dungeons feature new monsters and treasure chests to open.

- PvP death loss recovery has been replaced with PvP blessings from NPC Albert in Bersund. Deaths from before the update are still recoverable.

- Stamina consumption is now based on gained experience. Stamina recovers when the player has not gained any experience for 15 minutes.

- Added a new World chat channel for general banter.

- Added mouseover tooltips to game world signs, portals and other objects.

- Added loot popup windows on quest progress and completion.

- Added rotation controls: CTRL, Space, or Shift + WASD can be used to turn as well as right-clicking your character.

- Added buff queuing for certain spells. Overriding buffs will now place the previously active buff in queue.

- Updated minimap icons for temples, deposit buildings, monster spawns, Arne tasks and more.

- Kill counters can now be minimized separately from the experience calculator.

- Improvements to many raids, from changed spawns to improved loot and quests.

- Numerous sprite changes and improvements. New dragon and dragon boss sprites. New Great Glory item sprites, new animations, spell icons, and more!

- Brewing skill now increases the strength of most brewable potions for the player.

- Added an on screen warning when running out of arrows and projectiles.

- Added subclass tutorials on reaching level 30.

Bug fixes

- Drunken players will no longer stumble out of protection zones.

- Special outfits can now be changed out of easily.

- Fixed the Mainlander achievement. If you haven't received yours, talk to Jasmine in Eidos.

- Other minor bug fixes.


- Unjustified frags now result in murder state at 5 kills/day, 10 kills/week and 15 kills/month.

- Murderers always drop one or two items on death. Serial murderers always drop two items on death. A skull can be paid off with gold at NPC Collin.

- The movement slowdown for serial murderers has been reduced.

- A number of new spell icons.

- Improved spell animations of various spells.

- Adjustments to spell premium account requirements.

- Improved boss heavy damage warnings.

- Gathering speed has been increased in exchange for more gatherables on completion.

- New buff colors to help distinguish certain spells and buffs.

- Small changes to Hardcore Hunting Zones.

- Added missing items to Market and NPC Teddy.

- Battle lockout timer is now 25 seconds.

- Mana flask cost has been increased and PvM mana return adjusted slightly.

- Some items have had additional stats adjusted to fit with subclass changes.

All classes

- The attack statistic of the currently equipped weapon now adds a 1-11% boost on many spells.



- Added Cleave, a new frontal AoE spell.

- Added Shield Slam, a high damage single target close quarters spell with a chance of stunning the enemy. The defense strength of the equipped shield effects the spell.

- Added Last Stand, a final life saving spell negating 50% of damage for 15 seconds.

- The Desolation spell has been removed.

- Holy Sword cooldown has been reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

- Holy Sword Support has been removed.


- Added new two handed weapons. Barbarians may still wield a one hand weapon with a shield when needed.

- Blind Rush now inflicts damage with a reduced cooldown.

- Bloody Cross has been replaced with Shockwave, a frontal AoE spell.

- Desperate Jump has been replaced with a new aggressive life leech survival spell Blood Thirst.

- Rage of Fury now inflicts more damage in front of the caster.

- Rage now lasts 30 seconds. Melee and defending values have been adjusted.

- Frenzy no longer adds a speed boost.


- All bows now have defensive stats similar to wands.

- New class bag available from Adriano Daily.

- Enchanted Javelin is now a base Ranger spell. The cost and cooldown has been adjusted.

- Blood Theft has been replaced with a new heal over time spell Meditation.

- Hellish Volley cooldown has been increased to 3 seconds with damage adjusted accordingly.


- Spread Shot damage has been adjusted.

- Ruthless Execution is now available to use at <30% HP. PvM damage has been boosted significantly. Cooldown and cost have also been adjusted.


- Added Mystic Guard, a survival spell allowing 50% damage to be taken as mana temporarily.

- All mage buffs (Fortitude Growth, Absorbing Aura, Fire Shield) have been reduced in strength slightly. This change is a < 5% increase in damage taken.

- Mage Natural Magic Resistance vs other mages in PvP has been adjusted slightly targeting levels 500+. Most players will not notice any change.

- Advanced Soulfire pattern and damage has been adjusted.

- Spirituality talent now gives 10 mana per point.

- New class bag available from Adriano Daily.

- Raise of Pace Spell has been reduced significantly in both duration and speed boost.


- Cross of Annihilation cooldown has been reduced to 3 seconds from 6 seconds.


- Holy Sword has been removed.


- Meteor Shower has a new damage mechanic, formula and animation.

- Inferno radial damage has been adjusted to decrease damage more strongly at the edges.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff

Level 31
30th May 2020 22:59:05

So you killed PVP AND PYROS in 1 update haha, glad I did change over to osrs when I did.

Level 449
30th May 2020 23:15:45

I Will check some when i join to test server

Level 97
30th May 2020 23:22:29

I would like more if they put a new server not so much of agg pharos and elysium but a new server where everyone starts again and grows again to attract the attention of new players taking advantage of new spell and new improvements
Mr Jhoni

Level 441
30th May 2020 23:30:21

R.i.p pyro, thought it couldn't get worse but it did, glad i have another project now
Guardian Striker

Level 26
30th May 2020 23:32:20


I found a little bug. When i remove the ring of right slot i cant put again the ring. :(

Level 332
30th May 2020 23:47:38

Jesus Christ!
You play hours and hours without making mistakes, suddenly you take an hour and die.
The administration thinks that the pyro has a lot of advantage, (based on pyro 400+)
go there and end the character.
Congratulations! Go there and spoil even more than that.

Level 662
30th May 2020 23:53:26


1. Spreadshot does not work
2. Npc Albert is non exsisting in Bersund

Question :
I recently did my dungeons and quest to take the Eyes spellbook but now the spellbook isn't worth it , can I exchange my item I feel like I got ripped off.
Fallen Warrior

Level 351
31st May 2020 00:25:51

what did you do with the paladins?

YOU ARE CRAZY?:smartass::smartass::smartass::smartass::smartass::smartass::smartass::smartass:

I don't believe this will be like this .. Will I have to be sambing in the middle of the hunt to hit a target? this is ridiculous...
Alisson The Strong

Level 284
31st May 2020 00:26:23 (Last edited 31st May 2020 00:33:55)


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