Level 249
13 days 16 hours ago (Last edited 13 days 16 hours ago)

I though that random tasks gives additional bonus (hmm 20% or so) to the tasks reward .
I was happy because i had random 180 hellish archangel tasks, which means for me the same hard long task gave me about 800k exp,
so i was happy because with additional bonus i can get 1kk exp reward.
guess how much gave me random one?
about 732k experience, asking now where is my bonus?
First time when i meet with this was a long time ago, i though it was checked and well balanced, in my opinion it's not,
Something here requires to be changed.
Who notice the same problem as i did?
feel free to leave yours comments below
Phoenix Rah

Level 66
12 days 6 hours ago

I think exp tasks are busted in general.

Ive done xp task sometimes due to achievement progress or variation to regular leveling spawns.

Although, I always end up leveling slower than just jumping right into my normal xp spawn instead.

I think task reward doesnt match up with what regular hunting spawns can bring you, should be looked into imo.

Level 636
12 days 6 hours ago

Tasks have been the biggest problem in Zezenia for a very long time now, basically the more you grow in Zezenia the less you will get for Training, Experience, Gold .

How is it that a character level 40 who does not level can gain way more % then someone who plays everyday and grows .

Not being able to do medium or hard tasks because you are too high of a level is bullshit and everyone knows it , back in the day the system was great and it wasn't unjust to anyone of any level .

But that's Zezenia for you, the more you grow the worse it is .

Level 388
12 days 6 hours ago

Caste 1st Time i agree with you. Its hard make 80h of trading at mine or higher lvl than me simple we cannot make hight long task ranom. I write it from Time to Time but no one answer. I told for us lvl should grow many monsters when we cannot take task. For example now 150 devils its medium long.,so when u got not 150 but 250 will be better for Player with hight lvl. Now when you make task on lvl 50 or 150 you can easy keep nice skills