White Eagle

A guild on Pharos.
The guild has a war rating of 1159.32.
There are 14 members.

The guild is not in a war with anyone right now.
Root Level Title
Balamor 147 Maestro Offline
General Level Title
Thor Turos 165 Offline
Berevor 228 Retired Offline
Hank Moody 308 Mr.Death Offline
Ambassador Level Title
Spuchniete Oko 140 Offline
Counselor Level Title
Rasel Pal 121 Offline
Mage Level Title
Ero Jwp 121 Offline
Arscon Aka Gath 102 Offline
Riikko 194 Offline
Neviash 213 Kamikaze Offline
Panoramixxx 176 Offline
Warrior Level Title
Ganey 210 Offline
Archer Level Title
Tasukamarakaa 230 Offline
Fresh Blood Level Title
Hitmen 103 Offline