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A Non-PVP server located in North America (East).
The players online record is 184 players, set on 28th September 2013.
There are currently 22 players online, they are listed below.
Player Name Level Class
Cacomixtle 237 Warrior (Paladin)
Belgra 236 Warrior (Paladin)
Jojo 204 Warrior (Paladin)
Sou Ze Povinho Irmao 198 Warrior (Paladin)
El Zentsped 178 Warrior (Barbarian)
Hanstein 131 Warrior (Paladin)
Paufeniz 115 Ranger (Rogue)
Ugluk 104 Warrior (Paladin)
Jermol 100 Warrior (Paladin)
Swordnbored 91 Warrior (Barbarian)
Gottlich 90 Ranger (Rogue)
Dreghor 89 Warrior (Barbarian)
Tigot 83 Warrior (Paladin)
Knight Baron 81 Warrior (Barbarian)
Legranwee 73 Warrior (Paladin)
Warheart 71 Warrior (Barbarian)
Coitus 68 Ranger
Krino 68 Warrior (Paladin)
Markhov 50 Ranger
Oz Zuratx Kymoth 44 Ranger (Marksman)
Crollwex 32 Warrior (Paladin)
Epalo 29 Warrior