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A Non-PvP server located in North America (East).
The players online record is 184 players, set on 28th September 2013.
There are currently 18 players online, they are listed below.
Player Name Level Class
Braveheart 605 Warrior (Barbarian)
Chaoslock 276 Mage (Warlock)
Daichy 269 Warrior (Paladin)
Biell Griffin 250 Mage (Pyromancer)
Ky Man 243 Warrior (Barbarian)
Stormy 235 Mage (Shaman)
Jojo 206 Warrior (Paladin)
Kawhi Leonard 167 Warrior (Barbarian)
Mil 121 Ranger (Marksman)
Coitus 69 Ranger
Killatk 59 Ranger (Rogue)
Dondergod 56 Warrior (Barbarian)
Mario Ranger 55 Ranger (Rogue)
Dkzoom 46 Warrior (Barbarian)
Qhira 44 Mage (Pyromancer)
Lage 37 Warrior (Paladin)
Kaisoroth 34 Warrior (Paladin)
Power Of Variphor 32 Warrior