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A PvP server located in North America (East).
The players online record is 202 players, set on 16th December 2016.
There are currently 19 players online, they are listed below.
Player Name Level Class
Santa Amanda 921 Mage (Pyromancer)
Tokan Sado 738 Warrior (Paladin)
L Sete 623 Warrior (Paladin)
Godzilla 519 Mage (Pyromancer)
Jackall 493 Mage (Warlock)
Itzal 490 Ranger (Marksman)
Ritari 442 Warrior (Paladin)
Cross Empan Vroom 416 Mage (Shaman)
Valhalla 411 Warrior (Barbarian)
Korvex 397 Mage (Shaman)
Suicide Black 354 Mage (Warlock)
Mehlar 350 Warrior (Barbarian)
Orcus 302 Mage (Shaman)
Lawzx 300 Warrior (Barbarian)
Gubbkuk 283 Mage (Pyromancer)
Gord 32 Mage (Shaman)
Henrikk 20 Mage
Marksman Do Terror 19 Ranger
Poggers 17 Warrior