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A PvP server located in North America (East).
The players online record is 202 players, set on 16th December 2016.
There are currently 12 players online, they are listed below.
Player Name Level Class
Marccus 446 Mage (Warlock)
Helheim 336 Warrior (Paladin)
Ihope 156 Warrior (Barbarian)
Warlock Of Mage 152 Mage (Shaman)
End Dragon 123 Ranger (Rogue)
Shucredimilson 113 Mage (Warlock)
Lovezin 90 Ranger (Rogue)
Toxic 74 Mage (Warlock)
Catador De Planta 57 Warrior
Rogue Bolado 24 Ranger
Nanttes 15 Ranger
Poggers 15 Warrior