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Classes and Subclasses

There are 3 main classes in the game; warrior, ranger, and mage. At level 30 it is possible to choose a subclass by completeing the correct quest. More in-depth details of the available subclasses can be found in the game itself or on the official fansites.
Important Note: Once a subclass is chosen it cannot be changed!


Warriors are specialized in melee fighting. They can easily train their melee skill to make better hits with melee weapons such as swords and axes. They are also very good at blocking hits thanks to their ability to practice defending. Warriors are, however, very poor with magic spells. Warriors get +15 max health and +5 max mana per level. This is considered by many to be the easiest and most profitable class to play. There are two warrior subclasses:
- Paladin: The tanking class, with spells focused on strong healing and better defense.
- Barbarian: The melee damage class. Skill and damage boosting spells.

It should also be noted that warriors are obligated to use melee weapons (swords, axes, mauls etc.) as weapons and shields as hand protectors.


Rangers are proficient in the distance skill and are skilled with weapons such as bows and crossbows. Rangers are mediocre at best with magic spells, and are very easily damaged in melee battle. Rangers get +15 max health and +5 max mana per level. Somewhat harder to play than a warrior, but still fairly profitable, and efficient in PVP. There are two ranger subclasses:
- Marksman: Slightly more PvE focused with damage and speed boosting spells.
- Rogue: Utilize spells like 'Evasion' and 'Dead Silence' for PvP superiority.

It should also be noted that rangers are obligated to use distance weapons (bows, crossbows, throwing weapons) as weapon and quivers as hand protectors.


Mages are very good at taking advantage of magic spells. However, they are close to useless in melee battle and defending. Mages get +5 max health and +10 max mana per level. Mages require more effort and gold waste when hunting, but this is offset by their PVP abilities and more varied gameplay. There are three mage subclasses:
- Shaman: The utility mage. Ability to heal others, boost party defense, and summon monsters.
- Warlock: Single target masters with strong PvP skills and ability. Drain the life from their foes to heal themselves.
- Pyromancer: Is Area of Damage (AoE) hunting your thing? Then Pyromancer is for you. Be careful on PvP worlds!

It should also be noted that mages are obligated to use all kind of wands as weapon and spell books as hand protectors.
Important Note: Spells of all classes and subclasses can be seen anytime in game under the action window button 'spells'.