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GM Quillon
Game Master

31st March 2018 16:09:17

Our newest update, version 6.5.0, has been released! Lots of new stuff and tweaks are brought with this update. Read through this announcement for all the details.

As always, to play you must first update your client. If the automatic ingame patcher does not work you can redownload the game client from the website's Download section. Steam users, please restart Steam to initiate the game client update!

Important! We realize many changes on the test server were very controversial, and thus we have made several adjustments for this update. However, we realize it might still not be perfect, so we can open to player proposals to further improve the game. Just keep your calm, please!

Easter Event
We launched an Easter Event. For details ask NPC Douglas in Ellaria and NPC Woitke located somewhere in Geltaria. Both of them got problems with giant chicks! Once Douglas, by order of King Terryn to care about Easter, Woitke cares about his grain fields.

During Easter Celebration - special event monsters (Screwou, Giant Devilish Chick, Giant Chick) may drop easter eggs. By using these eggs every player are able to slightly improve his skills or experience. Depends on luck, player can get small amount of training (3 or 6 hours) or a little bit of experience points (2000, 4000 or 8000). Rewards of using special easter eggs are doubled in relation to normal one.

New Spells
We have added few spells.
- Create Reinforced Arrows, Create Ornamented Arrows, Create Deadly Arrows, Create Emerald Arrows, Create Sharp Bolts, Create Deadly Bolts, Create Hellish Bolts (for rangers)
- Holy Cross, Nature Shield (for shamans)
- Critical Continuum, Bewilderment, Strong Bewilderment Support (for marksmen)
- Rage (barbarians)
- Holy Sword, Holy Cross Support (for paladins)
- Strong Bewilderment (for pyromancers)

In addition we postponed works on Unexpected exclusion & Mortal Stigma. It was a tough decision, but we also understand the players, anyway experience gained will allow us to improve these ideas and implement them or similar, not so drastic features in the future.

Bows and arrows
Release of the update introduces new kind of ammunition (reinforced arrows, ornamented arrows, deadly arrows, emerald arrows, sharp bolts, deadly bolts, hellish bolts). The better the bow, the better and more expensive ammunition will be needed. You can see what ammo is needed by looking at your bow/crossbow. Anyway, the player has the opportunity to:
- create ammunition by using one of new spells - cheapest option,
- buying any type of arrows / bolts from any fletcher.

Eidos has been set as the main city for beginner players. From now on, to leave Eidos, the player will need level 20. This is very important, due to the fact that many players just ignore Arne Missions, a quest that allows players to improve their skills. We also added the opportunity to:
- visit Hamrar, straight from Eidos,
- NPC Ulli, resposible for buying all items lootable from local monsters.

In addition, we moved to Eidos:
- a few quests, previously available in Ellaria,
- three dungeons (The Humanoid Lair, The Orcish Complex, The Melket Lair)

A new tab has been added - repeatable quests. Here the player can find information about daily quests / challenges.

Updated NPC lists
To remove the chaos, from now on only one NPC is responsible for buying a specific type of item (Karl - melee weapons, Petri - legs and bracers, Jose - boots, Yasin - shields, Yasir - helmets, Yasif - gauntlets, Edgard - armors, Fredrik - rings/amulets). There are a few exceptions related to fletchers and alchemists and some other NPCs in whole Nyrathia. However, after joining to Smart Trader Guild (one time payment - 25 premium cards), players will be able to sell all items to NPC Teddy, located in penultimate floor of Ellarian Depot.

In addition, prices of several items have been slightly changed.

New Houses
We added 3 new exclusive houses in Ellaria - great location, close to NPC Teddy, and only two floors to the depot.

New Achievements
The released update will also bring 3 new achievements. First of them is related to NPC Teddy and his Smart Trader Guild. Two another achievements are related to daily repeatable quests. In total 60 points!

Banishment for Player Killing
The penalty for this offense has been shortened from 20 to 7 days.

Graphical Changes
All graphics of trees and bushes previously available in Nyrathia have been changed.

Quest changes
- Dungeon Grand Master - fixed & improved
- Magic Runes Quest - fixed & improved
- Exchange with Aramadaes - from now every player who finished this quest is able to change noble Zezenian shield for quiver or spell book.

Happy Easter Everyone!
Your Zezenia Online Staff

Level 334
31st March 2018 16:13:19


Yayyy update is here 8)

Level 130
31st March 2018 16:21:00 (Last edited 31st March 2018 16:25:53)

sprite are blank for ranger spells + new bolt/arrows are aswell

side note why are all the new ammo spells premium
Flying Arrow

Level 98
31st March 2018 16:25:50 (Last edited 31st March 2018 17:01:37)

Holy swords sprite is blank aswell. :(

Also Bewilderments intoduction text seems a bit bringlish. "In next 20 seconds, enchanted target will be walk and behave like a drunk person."

edit. Also, the solo spell bewilderment gives 20 seconds of drunkness, and the combined so called strong bewilderment only gives 15 seconds, logic?:smartass:

Level 255
31st March 2018 16:28:20

I do not see anything positive about this update, the real problems were not solved, nobody will play a markmans just because they added a magic of some otserver(drunkplayers comeon HAHA ), the paladins will remain the same, something useless in the game since they can not realize their usefulness, which is BLOCK

Well, maybe it will benefit the shamans who really need it, beh

I hope the magic of warlocks, are resolved a little faster than the share pain of the paladins, good luck

Level 270
31st March 2018 16:40:29

Where are the giant devlish chicks located?

Level 200
31st March 2018 16:44:13

Quoting GM Quillon:

We have added few spells.
- Create Reinforced Arrows, Create Ornamented Arrows, Create Deadly Arrows, Create Emerald Arrows, Create Sharp Bolts, Create Deadly Bolts, Create Hellish Bolts (for rangers)

And now just change the amount of arrows that you make from 20-30 to around 50 or maybe 60-80?
Ht Savage

Level 402
31st March 2018 16:52:05

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Level 444
31st March 2018 16:53:18 (Last edited 3rd April 2018 16:57:16)


Level 444
31st March 2018 16:57:54 (Last edited 3rd April 2018 16:57:20)

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