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Elder Sage

Level 224
11 days 8 hours ago

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot
Bee nice to eachother guys.

Level 317
10 days 23 hours ago

Quoting Cacomixtle:
I post whatever I want because I'm free to do so, you gonna ban me or something? also I admited I was wrong.
I have no reason to be sorry because my first post wasn't supposed to make anyone mad, I was trying to give advice, you're the one who replied all aggresive.
If you are mad about not being able to abuse a bug anymore, its not my problem :)

Maybe Sorahp warrior sounds a lil rude, but so are you.
a- its not a bug
b- they changed it back so staff doesn't think it was a bug.

After all my personal opinion is that false information is worse than no information. So they you guess acting like you know you mislead people.
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