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Level 506
2nd December 2019 05:52:44

Quoting El Mart:
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Quoting El Mart:
Quoting Dancore:
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Quoting The Last Sky:
Its About time you guys make something its so boring to log in and not see any players barly online
create new server everath simullar or merge server so people can be activ and located in sa rest who dont like merge give them free transfer to ely

Agreed . Merge pharos and novus , give both worlds an option to go to Elysium .

Open new everath type server make it S.A server and see if it fails or not !

Pharos and Novus need to join , ASAP

Afraid to fight us in br server? :(

Difference is you canīt run so good after lvl 300, on br server we cannot run good on a lvl 10.

So , why we should be limited and you guys no? BR server and NA server its all..

We europeans are already limited, we are forced to play servers which are hosted in america since Tipitaka.

But you probably will say that we don't matter since we are only so few.

"we are only few" like N.A. or european
You guys have all Pharos for fight already but you guys prefer stay in peace. Buy all premmys on market and dont let the game grow up ( like baltas reseller do)
One br server ( not new , maybe novus or pharos ) will make a big war FOR FUN. because its how we plays.. fighting.. Lot of ppl transfering only for Play or fight! because its all what we wants... play without lag like you guys do for more than 10 years ...
Idk why you guys cry that much.. you can stay in pharos nobody cares.. we want keep fighting in novus with transfer BRS vs BRS-VZL and others .. no one cares about you guys.! can keep play in peace on pharos


You my best friend are a perfect example how a person can downgrade in english over time. It's like you just ate a banana and got your fingers all sticky, just so you can't press the buttons all correctly.

You guys are how many in Novus right now playing the game? Or you all just sit there waiting for a new server or one of the servers to be br hosted? Sure my friend.

Don't be salty now woff woff martypants <3

Level 108
3rd December 2019 04:52:09

New SERver launchh

Level 109
3rd December 2019 14:27:21

new server AND merge >>>
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