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Bot Verification

In order to prevent botters and game manipulators Zezenia employs a variety of in-game and out-of-game methods to detect and punish players using 3rd party software to modify or control the Zezenia client. There are two main features you will come across in-game:

- Bot-Verification Test: Game Managers (GM's) have the ability to teleport a player to a random bot-verification island. Once on the island the player has 90 seconds to complete a very short and simple walking path with 1 wall controlled by a lever or other common in-game mechanics blocking the path. A window will open immediately upon being teleported to the island with instructions available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish. If something prevent you from completing this test in the allotted 90 seconds you must contact staff IMMEDIATELY with explanation. Otherwise failing this bot-verification test will result in a PERMANENT BAN. Successful completion of the test by clicking on the exit portal will send you back to your previous location.

- Poisonous Items: Every monster in game has poisonous items as part of their loot. Should you carry too many of these items in your inventory at one time your healing power will diminish and a warning message will appear on your screen advising that you remove excess poisonous items. If you ignore the message and continue collecting more poisonous items and using healing spells it will result in a bot-verification test. Remember that most of poisonous items are used in collect Challenge Tasks given by Thorvald and Osvlad. It is recommended to keep all poisonous items and when necessary (near the 25 limit) return to town and deposit them in the depot or your house for future use. The following list describes possible effects due to the amount of poisonous things you have:
30 or less no effects
above 30 on-bottom warning, reduced healing, if final warning is reached all poisonous items are removed from inventory and player is sent to bot-verification test


Zezenia staff will always be present in-game and in the background making sure Zezenia is a fun and fair place for all our adventurers!