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22nd January 2020 14:53:51 GM Shadow View post »
God Of Shadow

Level 238
18 days 21 hours ago

the new server in the current era of squadting is another downfall because squatting is not large in number of players. Przemysłlav is right this server is supposed to work.
Quoting Przemyslav:
Hello, long time no see.
I'm not interested in Zezenia anymore from few years, however sometimes I take look what's happening here.

I am very surprised that still so many of you keep playing. I really couldn't imagine myself coming back.

Unless... you make some kind of fun server that is made just for pvp and fun with monthly reset and some rewards for the new season (or maybe items kept but just lvl/skill reset).

The main problem of Zezenia and new servers was that people are cowards here and they always prefer to get a lot of lvls and many people in team and then dominate people that don't have so much time to take lvls. They use this advantage to make domination, they kick all and then they are happy that they rule server where 5-10 people are online. If this server exist - winning team could get some small advantage and fun by getting better items and defeated could be back for another turn in the next season.

I think that such server would bring many people back just for fun. Premium things would let it stay. People are getting bored with their subclasses or vocations. They could change it each month.

Zezenia will be never good RPG game.

Otherwise I don't really see the chance for Zezenia anymore. It's dead like never before and nothing will help.

but I have to meet the mentioned conditions, before all the larger player population because the server will fall down like any other, but create new servers for 2 teams that fight against each other non-stop and the lost team stops playing and the server falls down is a story, believe me, I've been playing since tipitak, is it a lot o time i see so much. (In my opinion, current players should consider killing other players, because by killing new players for no reason we discourage them from playing, we are experienced players and we know pvp, let new players train, create 70lvl and kill 100lvl if you want to fight ( at least such death doesn't discourage you from playing))
we have to think about the future, not what is now but what was once. learn from mistakes and fix them

Level 350
18 days 14 hours ago

Quoting Rage:
Quoting GM Shadow:
I was hungry sorry.

small feast to be had there.

+1 in agreement with the community. Make a higher rated non-pvp server.

x3 exp // x2 skills- with reset every 6mo. and top 10 players/guilds for category receive gifts, on the start of the new reset.

And or a PVP server that resets daily. But when someone logs into it everyone is the same level/ml/skills but can choose from the classes.
kinda like a high rated pvp server with all the best gear, lvls but everyone is equal. I believe this to be pretty fun for those pvp-hardened souls.

-This pvp server will also allow new players/lower level players to experience higher lvl characters.
-This will allow the veterans to not be board while waiting for the newer updates on the normal servers.

Ask the community for further details in adding to this pvp-server.

Level 48
18 days 1 hour ago

many of us are waiting the merge made pharos even worse hope you guys have an idea about a new server doesnter matter if it is pvp or non pvp just create one so we can play this game again

Level 189
18 days 1 hour ago

Quoting Hesperus:
many of us are waiting the merge made pharos even worse hope you guys have an idea about a new server doesnter matter if it is pvp or non pvp just create one so we can play this game again

Nice see this only open transfer to Elysium are Solved
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