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The completion of the next update still requires quite a bit of work, but progress is being made at a rapid pace. In this teaser, we'll show you a sneak-peek of an area with a new theme, located below ground level on the new continent Aranagua.

Beside new areas, the update will also feature a couple of new technical features. Ground tiles will be able to affect your character's speed, allowing for certain tiles to either slow you down or speed you up. We will also try out a new system to recover experience, manaspent and skill training losses via a gold payment as discussed in this Proposal board thread (click to read). Naturally, this recovery system will not be available for deaths caused by PVP.

The sneak peek screenshot features a new lava themed area, plus one of the many new monsters. The character shown is wearing one the numerous new hairstyles coming in the update, of which some are available for everyone, some obtainable through quests and some available to those with enough achievement points. Note that it's obviously work in progress, and not a final area!

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