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This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Added the Season Four Points Shop with new items, including Mystery Goodie Bags & more.

- Expanded Evil Legionnaires cave.

- Enabled Lag Protection Beta on Elysium & Pharos.

Zezenia Staff

Zezenia Season Four is over. Thanks to all participants! The Season Points Shop with brand new deals & Hall of Fame winners will be released shortly. Please transfer your character in the Account page to Elysium or Pharos to continue playing & deposit your Season Points.

Unfortunately the Game Servers have been rolled back a few hours to fix issues with character transfers. As compensation for this inconvenience, Rapid Respawn & Monster Debuffs have been enabled. In addition, all accounts have received 72 hours of complimentary Premium Time.

You may find your inventory populated by some pieces of meat after transferring. You may sell this meat to NPC Adolf in Ellaria for 1 gold a piece. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff

A new Zezenia Online update has been released. The game client will download the update automatically, or you can download Zezenia here. Here's what's new:

Mysteries of Tarmell

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

The isolated group of islands known as Tarmell is located southeast from Gulshan Village. This seemingly peaceful town may have something more to it under the surface...

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

The first part of this quest is now available to play.

Beta: Lag Protection

Sometimes the internet connection between Zezenia and your computer can be severed or interrupted. Lag Protection will now kick in to protect your character in these moments.

If a laggy connection is detected the player becomes invisible, untargetable and undamageable by monsters. After thirty seconds the player is kicked from the game. However, Lag Protection does not apply if the player is currently in PvP combat.

Players now have three seconds to refocus themselves on the battle at hand after logging in again. Making any steps or casting spells will cut this time short.

The Lag Protection feature is in Beta and is initially enabled on the Everest server. Although we hope that you don't experience any lag whatsoever, please let us know of your experiences, if any, below.

Season Four Outfit

Level 300+ players can now claim the exclusive Season Four Outfit Scroll from NPC Rewardo. Please be sure to do this before the season ends, as with the other rewards.

Full Changelog

- Added the new Tarmell area of islands to the map.

- Added the Season Four exclusive outfit scroll claimable from NPC Rewardo.

- Updated stats of Death Knight, Grand Inquisitor & Vanguard sets.

- Fixed Icy Terror & Ice Thrower order in Osvald & Thorvald tasks.

- Added Ice Golems, Glacial Giants and some Snowbeasts around Karkkila.

- Removed Raging Curses from islands east of Gulshan desert.

- Removed Haunted Dracoliches from hardcore Horned Dragon / Evil Ent / Elder Ent spawn.

- Removed one singular Dracolich Spectre from Quagvill Xyioquan Dragon spawn.

- Fixed directional keys sticking if the game window loses focus.

Zezenia Staff

Zezenia Season Four ends October 31st. Here are answers to common questions about character transfers afterwards.

What happens to Everest characters?

After Everest closes the high scores are archived for the Hall of Fame. Characters must be transferred to the Elysium or Pharos world, reducing their experience and skills, restricting bank gold balance and items.

Achievements, bestiary, dungeons, quest progress (with certain exceptions) are kept as is.

What level will I be on Elysium or Pharos?

Character experience is reduced to match the 1x or 2x experience rate of the target world with a hard cap at level 300 (Pharos) or 200 (Elysium). For example:

Everest level 50 to level 29 on Pharos, 23 on Elysium
Everest level 100 to level 61 on Pharos, 49 on Elysium
Everest level 150 to level 94 on Pharos, 75 on Elysium
Everest level 200 to level 130 on Pharos, 104 on Elysium
Everest level 300 to level 200 on Pharos, 170 on Elysium
Everest level 350 to level 261 on Pharos, 200 on Elysium
Everest level 400 to level 300 on Pharos, 200 on Elysium...

What items can I take with me?

Container items including quivers

Creature products bought by NPC Elsa

Premium Cards

Outfit & Pet Scrolls

Dolls, etc. rare collectibles

Bank account balance (no cash or coins) up to 50 million gold

List of transferable items.

a 24 hours premium time scroll
a 30 days premium time scroll
a 7 days premium time scroll
a 90 days premium time scroll
a backpack
a bag
a bag of yahgan pepper
a bag with mysterious pills
a beetle shell
a beetle shell ring
a Berserker Outfit Scroll
a blackberry
a Blood Panther Pet Scroll
a boar fang
a bronze ore
a bush terrror shell
a christmas elf doll
a clawed boots
a closed pearl oyster
a Colosseum goodie bag
a crab claw
a crystal dragon heart
a crystal dragon wing
a cursed eye
a damaged backpack
a dead giant devilish chick
a dead volcanic golem
a deadly quiver
a death doll
a Demon Huntress Outfit Scroll
a demonic berry
a demonic wooden plank
a devil huntress doll
a devilish horn
a devilish mask
a devilish paw
a devilish quiver
a devilish skin
a devilkin doll
a Devilkin Pet Scroll
a diabolic fruit
a diabolic poisonous berry
a dire boar mane
a dragon bone
a dragon heart
a Dragon Pet Scroll
a dragon quiver
a dragon wing
a dreadlord beak
a dwarf beard
a dwarf magician beard
a Fairy Pet Scroll
a female Smuggler Outfit Scroll
a fiery quiver
a fishing bag
a furred leather quiver
a geck'zah edge
a geck'zah mask
a geck'zard eye
a gelid goblin ear
a gelid hebatog ear
a goblin berserker ear
a goblin ear
a goblin sage ear
a golem heart
a gooseberry
a Gorilla Pet Scroll
a Grag Hound Pet Scroll
a grylith dragon tail
a grylith dragon wing
a hebatog ear
a hellish magus head
a hemlock boletus
a huge black pearl
a huge blue pearl
a huge pink pearl
a huge white pearl
a Ladybug Pet Scroll
a lighter tail
a lion mane
a lion tail
a lizard guardian claw
a lizard guardian tail
a lizard spellweaver claw
a lizard spellweaver eye
a Lizard Spellweaver Pet Scroll
a lizard spellweaver tail
a lizard warrior tail
a lone eye leg
a lone eye shell
a magician's purse
a majestic quiver
a male Smuggler Outfit Scroll
a mammoth tusk
a mighty werebear mask
a mummy doll
a murderous cave crab claw
a murderous cave crab shell
a mystical Norrlun herb
a noble Zezenian quiver
a one day premium card
a Panda Pet Scroll
a parcel
a pearl necklace
a Phoenix Pet Scroll
a piece of azure dragon skin
a piece of cobra skin
a piece of crystal dragon skin
a piece of cursed skin
a piece of demon lord skin
a piece of demon skin
a piece of demonic matter
a piece of dragon skin
a piece of dreadlord skin
a piece of dwarf armory
a piece of geck'zard skin
a piece of lizard warrior skin
a piece of orc skin
a piece of punisher skin
a piece of rabid rat skin
a piece of snake skin
a piece of warg fur
a piece of warthog fur
a piece of xyioquan dragon skin
a piece of yeti skin
a pig tailed doll
a poisonous ivy leaf
a poisonous mustached herb
a poisonous privet twig
a poisonous tailflower
a poisonous toadstool
a poisonous yew twig
a quiver
a quiver of glory
a quiver of nature
a radioactive arsenopyrite
a ragged bag
a raspberry
a rat tail
a Rockworm Pet Scroll
a rotten cheese
a rotten fish
a rotten meat
a Royal Archeress Outfit Scroll
a Scorpion Pet Scroll
a scorpion tail
a scrap of poisonous apple
a screwou eye
a season four goodie bag
a Season Four Outfit Scroll
a seasonal goodie bag
a Seasonal Outfit Scroll
a seed of diabolic fruit
a separated cursed eye
a separated evil eye
a shovel
a silver ore
a small black pearl
a small blue pearl
a small pink pearl
a small white pearl
a soul devourer hand
a special backpack
a spider leg
a spooky doll
a stamped parcel
a strong quiver
a three hour experience boost
a three hour experience boost scroll
a torturer mask
a Turtle Pet Scroll
a two hour experience scroll
a utility rope
a valkyrie braid
a vampire cape
a vampire doll
a vampire mask
a very special backpack
a volcanic golem heart
a wanu doll
a warg paw
a warrior doll
a warrior's rucksack
a werebear paw
a werewolf paw
a wicked witch doll
a Wildling Female Outfit Scroll
a Wildling Male Outfit Scroll
a wolf paw
a wooden plank
a xyioquan dragon meat
a xyioquan dragon wing
a yeti beard
a yeti doll
a zombie doll
a zwakstone ore
an ancient stone
an armadillork tail
an assassin doll
an Assassin Outfit Scroll
an aurochs antlers pair
an azure dragon heart
an azure dragon meat
an azure dragon wing
an elder wizard doll
an Elder Wizard Outfit Scroll
an ice demon bone
an ice golem heart
an icy plank
an icy quiver
an icy shard
an imperial quiver
an one hour experience boost scroll
an opened empty pearl oyster
an opened pearl oyster
an orc head
an ornamented quiver
an yahgan shaman mask
devilish eyes
mighty magician werebear belt
mighty magician werebear paw
mighty werebear paw
sinister eyes
vampire fangs
vampire lord fangs
vanguard quiver

All other items will be removed from your inventory. Quests that have an exclusive item reward will be reset, allowing players to complete them again.

When is the next season?

The next season will begin shortly after the end of Season Four. Please let us know what you would like to see.

Exclusive Season Four outfit

The exclusive seasonal outfit will be available for players who have reached level 300 shortly. There's still time to complete this season's goals and claim your exclusive rewards!

Zezenia Staff

This week's Server Save changelog includes the following changes:

Colosseum Updates

The Colosseum has been updated to be more challenging with increasingly tougher waves. Gladiators will now receive a weekly Colosseum goodie bag for playing and reaching at least wave 10.

As a result of the balancing changes, the Colosseum high scores have been reset. Thanks to everyone who played, and good luck in the new ring!

Everest Transfers

The transfer level cap to Pharos will be raised to level 300. You will also be able to take all your collected creature product items with you to Elysium or Pharos.

Zezenia Staff