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A public test server for experimental balancing changes is now online. The server is based on a snapshot taken earlier today, with all characters available for play. The test client can be downloaded here.

What's changed? The formula for PvP mage vs mage damage resistance has been revised. As many players have noticed, the previous formula was not designed for the high levels achieved by the community, scaling to an extremely high amount of magic resistance. This would cause situations where two mages would negate too much damage from each other.

The new, flatter formula targets characters above level 250-300 with a much slower increase in natural magic resistance beyond this point. Lower level characters will most likely not notice a change at all.

PvM damage and other classes are not affected.

We are seeking feedback on this change and other PvP issues: do you think this is an improvement? Please let us know what you think! All comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Zezenia Staff

After careful consideration, we have decided to merge Everath into Pharos on Sunday, January 20th 18:00 UTC. The details are:

- From now on, New Pharos will continue with a standard 2x experience rate.

- Most characters will keep their current experience. Highest level Everath characters will receive a boost to compensate for the lower experience rate. If applicable, you will see your new level on the account page.

- All houses will be cleared and auctioned again. House items will be moved to your depot. Homeowners will receive 14 days of premium time and a special gift as compensation for the inconvenience.

- The two servers will go down for approximately one to two hours to complete the merge. Elysium and Novus will remain online.

- Character creation on Pharos will open after the merge.

In addition, we intend to test balancing changes to PvP magic resistance with the community before the merge. A public test server with further details will open Monday evening.

Zezenia Staff

We're sorry to disappoint you and would like to assure you that the previously announced merge is not going to happen. While we believe the way forward is to merge servers and remove high speed experience rates, the method we chose to accomplish this was not the right one. This is why we have two new proposals to share, and the reasons for doing so:

A) Everath + Pharos + Novus

All three PvP servers join Novus at a 3x experience rate, continuing with a 2x rate. High level Everath characters and all Novus characters receive an experience boost. Other characters remain as is with their previous experience, without any reductions.

Why? News of a merge have split people back to the old servers from Novus, crippling the new world. It's clear that the player base is not large enough to support four servers. Merging all three worlds brings the PvP community together on a single, sustainable server.

Why not? Novus is a clean slate without the burdens of the past, and performing this merge would throw it away. Dropping the experience rate without adjusting previously gained experience would not be fair towards new characters on the remaining world.

B) Everath + Pharos

Everath and Pharos join into New Pharos with a 2x experience rate. High level Everath characters receive an experience boost. Other characters remain as is with their previous experience, without any reductions.

Why? This is likely what most people expected. The merged server brings new life to old characters. Novus stays as a fresh start for new characters and those looking to escape the wars of the old world.

Why not? The PvP player base is split between two servers, which may not be sustainable.

Your feedback

There is no perfect solution to merging the worlds, nor is there a solution that will make everybody happy. Some sacrifices must be made, and that's why we must hear what you think! Please let us know in the comments. We will not be making any hasty changes until a clear path forward is determined.

Sincerely yours,
Zezenia Staff

With last server restart we have released few small tweaks, downloading a new client is not needed. Below list of released changes:

- [Repeatable Quests] Improved timers of all repeatable quests,
- [Osvald/Thorvald Challenges] Displaying the amount of received gold.
- [Leovald Challenge] Adjusted the number of bosses.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Have fun in Zezenia!
Your Zezenia Online Staff

Zezenia Online 7.1 is here! The patch will be downloaded automatically. You can also download the client manually. Steam users may need to restart Steam to initiate the update.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

As always, this update introduces a variety of new content, mechanic changes, other tweaks and fixes. Some highlights include:

The new PvP skull system

PvP bans are long gone! After too many unjustified kills, you will enter murderer state (previously black skull, now yellow skull) as before. Once a murderer, you can be killed justifiably by anybody, and will lose of your 5% experience on death.

If you continue your murder spree after this, you will become a serial murderer (black skull). In this state, you are punished for your bad deeds by a drastic slowdown in movement. On death, you will lose 10% of your experience, so be careful!

Continuing a murder spree resets the 14 day countdown to normal state. Your murderous deeds can be forgotten for a reasonable bribe to NPC Collin.

The new content

A new raid has been added: watch out for the terror of Lady Madness!

Santa Claus has come to town once again! Don't forget to ask him for a present!

The fruit of rebirth is a new item dropped by high level enraged monsters. On the brink of death, you can eat one for a miraculous recovery with a two minute cooldown.

Excited to reach a new level with your character? Now the whole server can hear the good news! When you reach a new milestone, a broadcast will be shown to all players. Alternatively, you can opt out by talking to NPC Frank in the Ellaria depot.

The new tweaks

There are too many to count!

The chance to get a free task cancellation has been raised, the party experience bonus has been revised to a maximum of 75%, and every player now gets one free talent reset!

Elusion spells such as Evasion, Brimstone Cloud and Primal Scream now prevent the player from being retargeted for 2 seconds. Use this to your advantage in intense PvP fights!

Skill loss on death has been reduced slightly to be more fair.

Thank you

This is just a taste of what's in the update. Thank you to all the players who helped test this update on the test server and provided invaluable feedback! The full changelog is below.

Quoting Changelog for 7.1:

- PvP bans have been replaced with a serial murderer state (black skull) after murderer state (yellow skull). A serial murderer is slowed down by 50% and will lose 10% experience on death. Murderers will lose 5% experience on death, and can be justifiably killed by anyone. Continuing a murder spree will start over the 14 day reset countdown.

- Improved free task cancellation: if a player cancels a task 5 times within 30 minutes, chance for free cancellation will be changed to 25%, with up to 4 cancels within 30 minutes - 16.(6)%, with three cancels - 10 %. In other cases it will be a 4% chance.

- Changed the party experience bonus to a maximum of 75% with 25%, 20%, 15%, 10% and 5% increments.

- Reduced the damage of certain targeted AoE spells based on distance to target. Enlarged the area of Hailstorm.

- Added scaling to Frenzy and Fortification spells.

- Ranger Precision spell now scales appropriately and is stronger than individual ranger buffs.

- Barrels can now be destroyed with the Purification spell. Barrels can no longer be thrown or moved in protection zones. Moving barrels now has a cooldown.

- Added a new raid: Lady Madness.

- Added the fruit of rebirth: fills health and mana with a two minute cooldown. Can only be used when dying. Dropped by high level enraged monsters.

- Added server broadcasts to highlight player achievements. To opt out, talk to NPC Frank in the Ellaria depot.

- Added one free talent reset.

- Attacking a monster will now lose the followed player.

- The price for blessings has been scaled by player level.

- Added an antidote for paralysis available from NPC Nicholas.

- Evasion, Brimstone Cloud and Primal Scream now prevent the player from being retargeted for 2 seconds.

- Players can no longer attack or be attacked for 3 seconds after login.

- Rogues coming out of stealth can no longer attack or be attacked for 3 seconds.

- Nerfed Elder Ent and Xyioquan Ent paralyze.

- Reduced the defense of Orc Wizard.

- Reduced the damage of bosses Wojatupp and Ajnamen

- Reduced the chance to summon Cave Terrors by Yahgans.

- Reduced skill loss on death slightly.

- Changed the statistics of dragon ring and azure ring (1% critical boost instead of additional defending), and massive steel ring (simply defense, instead of additional defending).

- Added a new login screen image.

- Added a "sell all" option to merchant dialogs.

- Added an "invite to party" option to the friends list.

- Increased the loot rate of semi-rare items from bosses.

- Adjusted the number of bosses in tasks.

- Improved sorting in the market dialog.

- Fixed travelling from Lyedel to Yarrael.

- Updated player status icons.

- Updated NPC price lists.

- NPC's can no longer be attacked.

- Fixed minor graphic and map issues.

- Fixed minor spelling and grammar issues.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff