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Tomorrow, with save server we will release some important tweaks. First of all we decided to slightly improve our bot verification by adding few restrictions for us. Checking player without white skull or located in deposit will be just impossible. Mentioned changes contain also few features which should help us in verification process.

From other hand it is time to close Halloween Event 2018. Unfortunately, Screwou and other terrifying monsters as well as Melanie Bluebell and her wise cat will disappear for few months. Hope they will return in next year once again! It also means that receiving Halloween souvenirs for using premium cards will be disabled.

Upcoming save server will bring also few small fixes or improvements, including:
- changed effect of fortification
new description: Fortification is an ability of paladins, allowing them to increase their maximum health by 20% as well as negating 8% of received damage, in exchange however reduces the maximum mana by 15% and the melee skill by 7. It has a cooldown of 4 minutes.

- changed effect of increased yield
new description: Increased Yield is a combined ability of marksmen and barbarians, allowing them, after the marksman supported the barbarian, to make the entire party of the marksman spend 25% less mana when casting spells for 3 minutes. In addition it increases the entire party of marksman critical hit chance for 50% for the next 40 seconds. It has a cooldown of 7 minutes.

- lowered by 15 percentage points training rewards for collect tasks,
- correct rounding of fees for black skull removal,
- fixed pyromancer's invisble,
- improved stats of flame tongue, golden axe, Zanaato, ancient sylvan hammer and volcanic mace.

Happy playing,
Your Zezenia Online Stuff

It's time to start a sage application process to gather some new sages to assist players with questions and problems ingame and take part in private test servers. We're highly in need for some PvP sages, preferably on Novus. If you play non-pvp you're also welcome, of course. If you have any desire to become a sage, read through this thread and send in your application!

The duty of a sage is quite simply to help players, both new and old, especially in the Support channel. Sages do not hold any other powers besides their highlighted text in the ingame Support channel. Of course occasional private test servers are held, where sages can participate. Read more about sages in the Game Manual.

What we require from all sages is good English, good knowledge of the game itself and a desire to help people out. Also note that we will not consider players with notable criminal records for this position.

To apply for sage position send an e-mail to [email protected] answering the following set of simple questions:
- How long have you played Zezenia Online?
- How often and on what game worlds do you play Zezenia?
- In a range from 1 to 10, how well do you think you know Zezenia?
- In a few words, what would you change in Zezenia?
- Who are you? (tell briefly about yourself, things such as where you are from)
- What/which characters would you like to have the sage status on?

Set the subject to "Sage Application" for fast processing. We will respond to all sage applications within 1 week. If you are already a sage and would like to have sage status on a new character, you can send an e-mail about that too.

Thanks to all participants and good luck!
Your Zezenia Online Staff

Today (8th November, 2018), we changed point 5 our Game Rules. The following change is necessary and specifically related to bot verification. Below, new changed text of rule #5.

Modifying the client software in any way, or using third-party software or hardware to gain an advantage over other players is forbidden. In addition, a Game Master, to remove his doubts, may appear and start a short and logical conversation, watch your player actions and movement while hidden, or utilize the bot verification process described here.

By logging to game or forum, you accept our newly changed Game Rules.

Have fun in Zezenia!
Your Zezenia Online Staff

The new 2x PvP server Novus is here! Create your character here and start playing right away!

In addition, the second part of our Halloween Event has been enabled. At 6:00 GMT tomorrow visit NPC Melanie Bluebell and ask about a mission! Have fun and deliver all pumpkins to receive cool Halloween souvenirs.

See you ingame!

Happy Halloween,
Zezenia Staff

Zezenia Online 7.0 is here! This update contains a huge bunch of new content, class balancing, small tweaks and fixes. And of course, it precludes the opening of our new server. Read on for all the details!

As always, you must update your client. The game should automatically patch when connecting, or you can reinstall from the download page.

Steam users: please install the update from the site temporarily. We hope to get the update out on Steam as soon as possible.

The new update

The long-awaited update is finally released. You will find a complete changelog below, but here are some of the biggest changes:

First, death recovery has changed: from now on, you will only be able to purchase back 75% of your losses. We have restored the loss of blessing on death, and reduced the number of premium cards needed to purchase a blessing from NPC Alexander. When dying in the hands of an enemy in a guild war, you will lose 25% less experience, mana and skills than usual.

The defending skill formula for rangers and mages has been balanced, along with various spell tweaks. New quests, spells and items have been added for you to discover. Bosses have received new abilities to make fights more challenging.

Using premium cards to extend your premium time now yields extra rewards based on your active premium time. With more than 7 or 14 days active premium you will receive an extra 6 or 12 hours from each card. Additionally, using a premium card with more than 20, 40 or 60 active days will reward you with a small Halloween souvenir for a limited time.

This is just a taste of what's in the update. For the full list of changes, read on below!

The new server

The new PvP server Novus is opening on Wednesday October 31st, three days from now at 19:00 UTC. See the time for your location here.

You can create a new character in advance from your account page, so that you're ready to start playing right away. We have also lifted the account character limit to make sure that everyone can create a new character.

Don't miss it, and tell your friends! This is a great time to start playing.

The new administration

I'm excited to announce that GM Eden is joining our team as a Game Master and Community Manager. He will help us take care of daily business on the servers, but also work with the Zezenia community to make sure your voice is heard.

Zezenia wouldn't exist without the players, and we hope to entertain you for years to come, steering where you want to go. This update is the first step towards a fresh start, and we can't wait to see where it takes us.

The full changelog

- added new spells and abilities for bosses: each boss will be able to use new attacks (for example: very dangerous shock waves; limited by time, increase of spell power) or abilities (for example: blocking player's abilities to use mana potions, health potions, healing spells for a certain amount of time)
- added an unspecified number of rings and amulets
- added an unspecified number of quests
- additional melee skills added to best shields
- additional distance skills added to best quivers
- added a new monster: Geck'Zard
- added the casino Lucky Cactus: for more details ask NPC Serkan, located above the Ben Qarassih Depot
- added new kind of items - poisonous items, the possession of which in large quantities will disrupt healing spells
- added possibility to destroy barrels with a pile of magical explosion powder
- added new refreshed sprites for the following monsters: giant beetle, beetle, zombie
- added new new ennobled item (ennobled legendary golden ring): for details ask NPC Fredrik
- added display of remaining potions in the inventory bottom bar
- added new low-cooldown spell (Vengeful Trace) to locate players marked with blue or red skull
- added new spell (Magical Conversion) which allow caster to convert gold pieces into gold bars
- added new spell (Unexpected Exclusion) for warlocks, which allow them to exclude player marked with blue or red skull from battle zone for 4 seconds
- added loyalty premium bonus, by using premium cards with 7 or 14 days of active premium time player will receive extra 6 or 12 hours of premium time for each used premium card
- added protection zone to NPC Collin's House
- added walking through all players in protection zones (excluding depot)

- defending skill of rangers and mages has been reduced
- power of all offensive spells has been decreased by 15 percentage points (pp). By finishing one of the newly released quests, player will be allowed to increase offensive spells power by 25 percentage points (5 missions each guarantees additional 5 pp)
- changed black skull removal to a fee based on level, time elapsed since last removal and amount of black skull removals
- added more detailed locating system, including more locating NPCs, new prices for locating with NPC - 1000 gold pieces from level 100 (including reggressive formula of locating fee against low level characters used by high level players)

- fixed healing with the "Heal Friend" spell - healing boost talent of the caster is now accounted for
- fixed quest logs of Tavern Tales Quests
- fixed few NPC dialogues
- fixed few minor map bugs
- fixed displaying few bugged spell icons
- fixed mana draining spells used by monsters (for example: Imp, Giant Dionaea, Raging Curse), from now on monsters will begin to drain health once target reaches low mana status
- fixed bug allowing Name Change with white skull (via Premium Shop)
- fixed opportunity to find magic scroll from sarcophagus in the Magic Scrolls Quest

- disabled using ampoules from level 60
- disabled using vials from level 100
- disabled Osvald / Thorvald / Leovald tasks for players marked with black skull
- disabled locating with NPCs for players marked with black skull
- disabled stacking of barrels
- decreased hitpoints of almost all bosses
- changed summons of following monsters: Villumb - up to 4 more agressive snowbeast, Galiantors - up to 4 more agressive mammoths, Wanu - up to 4 Yahgan Barbarians instead of Death, Dark Knight - up to 4 Imps instead of Thugs, Escaped Prisoner - up to 4 fire beings instead of Thugs

Sincerely yours,
Zezenia Staff