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Zezenia Online is evaluating new infrastucture for our game servers. A public Test Server is now open to all players, and we hope to receive your feedback on its performance. Please take some time to play on the test server and answer these questions:

- Did you experience any lags, skips or freezes while playing?

- What is your latency (indicated by the client)? Where are you playing from, and what sort of internet connection are you using?

- Did you notice any other issues with test server?

The test client is available for download here. The server is based on a snapshot from a few days ago, so don't panic if some of your character progress is missing!

This Test Server features automatically optimized routing much like the "Game Proxy" feature, meaning that it is not available in the test client.

Based on your feedback we will decide whether the new infrastructure is a good fit for our diverse group of players in North & South America, Europe and beyond.


In addition to the new location, the Test Server has received various optimizations to remove possible instances of server-side skips & freezes. Game network data is now compressed to reduce data use (by over 50% in internal tests) & congestion. These improvements will be shipping soon.

You will also notice a new latency indicator in the game client. Should the latency be too high for smooth gameplay a warning will be shown.

Please give the new Test Server a try and let us know of your experience in this thread!

Zezenia Staff

Undead Weekly Event: get +25% XP from Death, Dracolich, Ghost, Ghost Dragon, Nocturne, Raging Curse, Vampire, Vampire Lord, Wraith & Zombies!

This week's Server Save update includes the following changes:

- Reduced the Noble Store stamina reset cooldown to 22 hours.

- Added potion & gear shop NPC's to the minimap.

- Fixed mana not being restored on death.

- Fixed issues with Castle of Death Wanu spawn.

- Game server/client networking improvements.

Zezenia Staff

Yahgan Event: get +25% XP from Yahgan, Yahgan Barbarian, Yahgan Executioner, Yahgan Ghoul, Yahgan Occultist, Yahgan Shaman, Yahgan Spearman & Yahgan Summoner.

This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Improvements & fixes to the Beginner Tutorial and Arne's Tasks.

- Fixed issues with areal spells being cancelled in certain situations.

- Fixed Purification not working after diagonal movement.

- Fixed respawn time of Jovsrettok to 12 minutes.

- Characters now start with 30 mana points at level 1.

- Reduced mana points of Sweeping Swipe to 15.

- Client performance improvements.

Zezenia Staff

This week's events are:

- Bonus Dungeon & Gathering Week: double the chance of landing in a bonus dungeon & extra yield on each gathered herb!

- Icy Bonus: get +25% XP from Kidamru, Snowbeast, Ice Golem, Ice Demon, Colossal Ice Golem, Glacial Giant, (Fog) Yeti, Icy Terror, Ice Thrower & Chenoo!

This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Reduced the cooldown of daily tasks to 22 hours (Adriano's Daily Delivery, In Clifton's Aid, Helping Galfrid/Egon/Nathanael/Harry/Simon/Gambling with Cromwell/Yasin's Daily Deliveries).

- Fixed glimmer remaining on bodies after consuming the last item inside of them.

- Fixed blessings being lost in the Castle War. Affected players will receive a small gift in their depot as compensation shortly.

- Improved precision of character turn controls (CTRL + arrows & WASD).

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff

The Mid-Season Update is live! As always, the update will download automatically the next time you log in. You can also download the latest client at any time. Here's what's new:

Castle Wars

The Castle War is a new daily event on Titan that takes place at 21:00 UTC starting today (convert timezone).

Players team up in parties of two to five characters to conquer the Ben Qarassih castle. The team that inflicts the most damage to the Castle Flag in 15 minutes wins and holds the castle for the next 24 hours.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Winners receive 50 Season Points and plunder the castle for a random assortment of Noble Coins, Premium Shop items, outfits & decorations. The kings are also crowned for all to see until the next war!

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

If the stars align at the beginning of the war Malum Est will spawn from the gates of Hell to reclaim his castle. Teams must fight together to slay the beast before the war begins. Players who inflict the most damage get exclusive access to Malum Est's treasure chest.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

All participants in the war receive 5 Season Points and 1 Season Point per qualifying team frag. Read all the details about the Castle War in its wiki page.

During the launch death losses and item drops are disabled in the Castle War until Wednesday April 28th.

Hardened Bosses

Bosses in Zezenia have received a major overhaul. Fights include a variety of new mechanics to introduce challenge into hunts:

Wojatupp: added new random DoT tiles. Expanded new hunting grounds.
Villumb: added AoE Ice Shower spell with damage building over time. Added path blocking spell.
Galiantors: added new Mammoth Ancestor summon replacing Mammoths.
Keogruteras: randomly spawns Dragons and Grylith Dragon Eggs. Players have 10 to 15 seconds to kill eggs before dragons are born.
Birlusk Thyns: added new AoE Ice Fragment spell. Damage builds over time. Added new Ice Cage spell.
Zor'Varuk: added Shade of Zor'Varuk. When Zor'Varuk and its shade are near each other they inflict more damage. When Shade of Zor'Varuk is within 2 sqm of a Holy Light Pillar he will heal weakly and inflict less damage.
Bliatheroith: added new Hellborne spawn mechanic replacing Demon Lords. Expanded nearby hunting grounds.
Wanu: added three cages opening at random times. If Shamans are freed Wanu has greater healing. If Summoners are freed Wanu inflicts more damage.

Loot and spawn times have been increased accordingly.

Prison Tutorial

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Characters new to Zezenia Online now begin their journey by escaping the Prison Tutorial! Players must make their way out of the atmospheric dungeon in one piece while learning the basic controls and mechanics of Zezenia.

Loot Glimmer

Finding loot is now easier than ever: bodies containing loot have a slight glimmer to them. Once the corpse is looted the animation disappears.

Other Fixes & Changes

- Added an outfit change button to the Inventory dialog.

- Added official Zezenia Wiki links to the Support channel & Arne tasks. The wiki expands on a regular basis: check it often for added monster spawns, quest information & more!

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff