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This week’s Server Save includes the following changes:

- Added Hardcore Chenoo Hunting Zone to Norrneau.
- Expanded the new Lizard Guardian spawn.
- Added few monsters to the new HC Lone Eye spawn.
- Added Unholy Dreadlords to the Zant'Kua HC spawn.
- Adjusted the existing HC Sand Terror / Murderous Cave Crab spawn.

Zezenia Staff

This week’s Server Save includes the following changes:

- Added NPC’s (People) to the world map dialog.
- Added new Hardcore Hunting Zone for Lone Eyes in Aranagua.
- Added new Lizard Guardian spawn.
- Added a small spawn downstairs at Tarmell Templar Knight / Priests.
- Added Ghosts in Tarmell castle.
- Added Soul Harvesters to existing spawn.
- Slightly expanded Wildling spawn in Tarmell.
- Removed doors from minimap for pathing.
- Fixed duplicate monster spawns appearing in the world map.
- Fixed client crashes in brewing & bestiary windows.

Zezenia Staff

End of Season

Zezenia Season Five has come to an end and Cronus has closed. Transfer your character from the account page to continue playing. Read the Season Ending announcement for more information on transfers.

The Season Points Shop is now open for business! Earned Season Points are deposited into your account and ready to use after transfering each character.

The Season Five Hall of Fame will be published shortly once the results are verified.

The end of season update includes the following changes:

Monster World Map

The new Monsters tab in the World Map makes it easier than ever to find creatures in the world of Zezenia. Every spawn for every monster in the Bestiary can be found in the map.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Use the added search box to find monsters & quest markers. Remain oriented using the new ground level indicator.

Upgraded Brewing Dialog

The new brewing dialog makes brewing potions a snap. Choose from the list of learned & available recipes, and see the type and amount of ingredients required for each potion type and size. Click the "maximum" button to brew as many potions as possible from the inventory.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Account Wide Challenge Points

Note: unfortunately the sharing of Challenge Points between characters has been delayed. We are working to release this feature as soon as possible. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Full Changelog

- Added monsters to the World Map.
- Added a level indicator to the World Map.
- Added Stamina & Training Recovery Scrolls available from the Season Points Shop exclusively.
- Upgraded the brewing dialog.
- Added "Gatherable" type to gathered items.
- Added "Recipe" type to brewing recipes.
- Added "Minimum Level" tooltip information to brewing recipes.
- Added "Fish" type to fish.
- Fixed offset issue with some animations.
- Fixed an issue with login screen controls remaining on screen.

Zezenia Staff

Zezenia Season Five is almost through! Here is a list of questions & answers on what will happen after the season ends:

End of Season

The season ends on January 11th, 2024. At this time the server will shut down, and characters will become transferable to Elysium, Pharos or Zera. The Season Points Shop will be open for business with brand new and familiar deals on Outfit Scrolls, Pet Scrolls, Premium Items & more!

Personal Checklist

To make sure that you’re ready to transfer, complete the following steps:

Redeem any seasonal rewards including season points from NPC Rewardo outside the Ellaria depot.

Deposit any gold in your inventory or house into the bank.

Character Transfers

Transfering a character to a new Game World will have the following effects:

The level of the character is capped to level 200 regardless of the level on Cronus or destination world.

The skills of each character are capped at level 100. The magic level of each character is capped at level 75.

Inventory items are wiped with the exception of transferable items listed below.

Bank gold is converted to noble Zezenian coins at a rate of 300 000 gold to one coin.

Season Points are deposited to your account and available for use on the Season Points Shop.

Collected Challenge Points will be multiplied by 10x and become available account wide.

Transferable Items

- Gold and cash is lost and must be deposited to the bank beforehand.
- Items available from the Premium Shop, including Premium Cards, Outfit & Pet Scrolls, Experience Boosts, Dungeon Tickets...
- Any item marked as “Collectible” type.
- Any other rare collectibles such as dolls, trophies, streamer rewards, event rewards, etc.
- Any seasonal reward items.
- Any container items, including quivers.
- Zezenium ore balance is preserved.

The full list of transferable items can be found here.

Challenge Points Transfer

It has come to the staff’s attention that some characters have abused the training task system to gain Challenge Points in an unfair manner. These characters will not be eligible to transfer their Challenge Points.

Zezenia Staff

The full list of items that will transfer to Elysium, Pharos or Zera is as follows:

a 24 hours premium time scroll
a 30 days premium time scroll
a 7 days premium time scroll
a 90 days premium time scroll
a a huge present box
a backpack
a bag
a bag of yahgan pepper
a bag with mysterious pills
a beaten dracolich
a beaten ghost dragon
a beetle shell
a beetle shell ring
a Berserker Outfit Scroll
a blackberry
a Blood Panther Pet Scroll
a boar fang
a book shelf
a bottle of rage elixir
a box
a brewing bag
a broken templar shield
a bronze fishing trophy
a bronze ore
a bush terrror shell
a candy cane
a candy in blue paper
a candy in golden paper
a candy in red paper
a Chick Pet Scroll
a chocolate
a christmas elf doll
a christmas gloves
a christmas hat
a clawed boots
a closed pearl oyster
a Colosseum goodie bag
a crab claw
a crystal dragon heart
a crystal dragon wing
a cursed eye
a cursed scythe
a damaged backpack
a dark knight cape
a death doll
a Demon Huntress Outfit Scroll
a demonic berry
a demonic wooden plank
a deposit box
a destroyed pillar
a devastating beetle blade
a devil huntress doll
a devilish horn
a devilish mask
a devilish paw
a devilish quiver
a devilish skin
a devilkin doll
a Devilkin Pet Scroll
a diabolic fruit
a diabolic poisonous berry
a dire boar mane
a doll of friendship
a dragon bone
a dragon heart
a Dragon Pet Scroll
a dragon quiver
a dragon wing
a drawer
a dreadlord beak
a dungeon entry ticket
a dungeon gift
a dwarf beard
a dwarf magician beard
a Fairy Pet Scroll
a female Berserker Scroll
a female Smuggler Outfit Scroll
a fiery quiver
a fishing bag
a furred leather quiver
a geck'zah edge
a geck'zah mask
a geck'zard eye
a gelid goblin ear
a gelid hebatog ear
a giant candy cane
a giant ginger bread
a ginger bread
a glowing crystal
a glowing snowflake
a goblin berserker ear
a goblin ear
a goblin sage ear
a goblin treasure map - It seems to point to a hole south of Ben Qarassih
a golem heart
a gooseberry
a Gorilla Pet Scroll
a Grag Hound Pet Scroll
a grylith dragon tail
a grylith dragon wing
a gummy
a halberdier blade
a halloween armor
a halloween bow
a Halloween dungeon entry ticket
a halloween hat
a harvested soul
a hebatog ear
a hellish archangel head
a hellish magus head
a hemlock boletus
a home teleport scroll
a huge black pearl
a huge blue pearl
a huge pink pearl
a huge present box
a huge white pearl
a Juris' necklace
a Ladybug Pet Scroll
a letter to Elle
a lighter tail
a lince ghost soul
a lion mane
a lion tail
a lizard guardian claw
a lizard guardian tail
a lizard spellweaver claw
a lizard spellweaver eye
a Lizard Spellweaver Pet Scroll
a lizard spellweaver tail
a lizard warrior tail
a lollipop
a lone eye leg
a lone eye shell
a lost soul
a magical candy cane
a magician's purse
a majestic quiver
a male Smuggler Outfit Scroll
a mammoth tusk
a medal of honour
a message in a bottle
a mighty werebear mask
a Mortie Pet Scroll
a mug of Furhman's beer
a mummy doll
a murderous cave crab claw
a murderous cave crab shell
a mystical Norrlun herb
a noble Zezenian quiver
a nocturne hand
a one day premium card
a one hour golden glow potion
A package for Jake Hawthorne
a Panda Pet Scroll
a parcel
a pearl necklace
a Phoenix Pet Scroll
a piece of azure dragon skin
a piece of cobra skin
a piece of crystal dragon skin
a piece of cursed skin
a piece of demon lord skin
a piece of demon skin
a piece of demonic matter
a piece of dragon skin
a piece of dreadlord skin
a piece of dwarf armory
a piece of geck'zard skin
a piece of lizard warrior skin
a piece of orc skin
a piece of punisher skin
a piece of rabid rat skin
a piece of snake skin
a piece of warg fur
a piece of warthog fur
a piece of xyioquan dragon skin
a piece of yeti skin
a pig tailed doll
a pile of evil
a playing card
a plush gold pot
a plush penguin
a plush reindeer
a poisonous ivy leaf
a poisonous mustached herb
a poisonous privet twig
a poisonous tailflower
a poisonous toadstool
a poisonous yew twig
a pool of acid
a pool of darkness
a poor cutebug
a present box
a quiver
a quiver of glory
a quiver of nature
a radioactive arsenopyrite
a ragged bag
a ranger's satchel
a raspberry
a rat tail
a referral medal
a Retro Soldier Outfit Scroll
a Retro Villager Outfit Scroll
a Rockworm Pet Scroll
a rotten cheese
a rotten fish
a rotten meat
a Royal Archeress Outfit Scroll
a sand terror blade
a Scorpion Pet Scroll
a scorpion tail
a scrap of poisonous apple
a screw
a screwou eye
a scroll
a season five goodie bag
a season four goodie bag
a Season Four Outfit Scroll
a seasonal goodie bag
a Seasonal Outfit Scroll
a seed of diabolic fruit
a separated cursed eye
a separated evil eye
a shovel
a silver fishing trophy
a silver ore
a slain death
a slain pirate
a small black pearl
a small blue pearl
a small pink pearl
a small present box
a small white pearl
a snowman
a soul devourer hand
a soul harvester hood
a soul harvester scythe
a sparkler
a special backpack
a spider leg
a spooky candy cane
a spooky doll
a Spooky Pet Scroll
a stamped parcel
a strong quiver
a teddy bear
a templar priest staff
a three hour experience boost
a three hour experience boost scroll
a torturer mask
a towel
a Turtle Pet Scroll
a two hour experience scroll
a utility rope
a valkyrie braid
a vampire cape
a vampire doll
a vampire mask
a very special backpack
a volcanic golem heart
a wanu doll
a warg paw
a warrior doll
a warrior's rucksack
a warzone backpack
a werebear paw
a werewolf paw
a wicked witch doll
a Wildling Female Outfit Scroll
a Wildling Male Outfit Scroll
a wolf paw
a wooden plank
a xyioquan dragon meat
a xyioquan dragon wing
a yeti beard
a yeti doll
a yeti horn
a Zezenium ore
a zombie doll
a zwakstone ore
Adriano's package
an ancient stone
an annihilated mummy
an annihilated rabid rat
an annihilated skeleton
an armadillork tail
an assassin doll
an Assassin Outfit Scroll
an aurochs antlers pair
an azure dragon heart
an azure dragon meat
an azure dragon wing
an elder wizard doll
an Elder Wizard Outfit Scroll
an enchanter staff
an Evil Snowman's dungeon entry ticket
an ice demon bone
an ice golem heart
an icy heart
an icy plank
an icy quiver
an icy shard
an imperial quiver
an one hour experience boost scroll
an opened empty pearl oyster
an opened pearl oyster
an orc head
an ornamented quiver
an unholy dreadlord horn
an yahgan occultist cape
an yahgan shaman mask
Antler Dagger
Birlusk Thyns
devilish eyes
Empty Nectar Vial
goblin treasure map #1
goblin treasure map #2
goblin treasure map #3
goblin treasure map #4
important orc notes
Isaac's Necklace
mighty magician werebear belt
mighty magician werebear paw
mighty werebear paw
mug of Golden Liquid
mug of Greenie Ale
Mysterious Goblin Orb
rabid rat incisors
vampire fangs
vampire lord fangs
vanguard quiver
Vial of Nectar
Vyrmiss tooth
Xmas Bow
Xmas Wand

Zezenia Staff