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Zezenia Season Five begins Friday October 13th at 19:00 (UTC)! Check the countdown in your local time on the home page. Season Five marks the opening of Cronus, a 10x Speed Rate Seasonal World:

- Players have a static 10x Experience Rate throughout the season. Skills advance at a 3x rate.
- The world is split into non-PvP and PvP-Enforced areas rotating between Ben Qarassih, Aranagua & the Ice Islands weekly.
- The PvP areas have an increased presence of elites & enraged monsters plus an additional +10% XP boost.

Create your character and reserve your name in advance now! Will you be one of the legends to be immortalized in this season's Hall of Fame?

Seasonal Rewards

Season Five players who reach level 500 will receive the Seasonal Outfit Scroll and an exclusive Season Five exclusive Mortie Pet Scroll! Players can choose to consume the scrolls on their seasonal character or take them to permanent worlds.

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NPC Rewardo will also make a return at the Ellaria depot handing out seasonal gift bags for reaching level 100 milestones.

Win Season Points & Rewards

The Season Points system returns for Season Five. Players will gain Season Points for leveling up, completing achievements, slaying rare monsters and more. Complete the following activities to gain points:

Quoting Season Points:
Level up: 1000, 2000, 3000, ... points every 100 levels
Complete quests: 2-10 points per quest
Complete achievements: 10 points per achievement
Finish dungeons: 2 points per dungeon
Loot rare items: 2 points per item
Slay bosses: 2 points per boss
Defeat elites: 1 point per elite
Castle War:: 50 points for victory, 1 point per kill
Bestiary: 1-10 points per monster unlocked, familiarized, mastered
Colosseum: 5, 10, 15, ... points every 10 waves

Season Points can be exchanged for valuable items on the Season Points Shop after the season ends. The value of a Season Point will be higher this time around! Some of the items that will be available include:

-Outfit & Pet Scrolls
-Premium Time Scrolls
-Training Refill Scrolls
-Stamina Refill Scrolls
-Seasonal Mystery Bags
-Potion, Brewing & Fishing Packs
-And more!

Hall of Fame

The most legendary players of Cronus will join the champions in Zezenia Online's Hall of Fame! Here are all high scores up for contest this season:

Quoting Hall of Fame titles:
Top 3 Season Points
Top 3 Levels
Top 3 Classes
Top 3 Subclasses
Top 3 Magic Level/Melee/Distance/Defending
Top 3 Gathering/Fishing/Brewing
Top 3 Colosseum Champions
Top 3 Dungeons Completed (> level 100 excluding daily boss)
Top 3 Bestiary Masters
Top 3 Boss Killers

End of Season

Season Five is on for 90 days until Thursday January 11th, 2024. Transfers to permanent worlds will open at this time. For the first time new forms of progress gained during a Season will be redeemable to use on permanent worlds in various ways:

- Bank gold will be converted to noble Zezenian coins at a rate of 300 000 gold to one coin.
- Challenge Points accumulate at a 10x rate and will be preserved on transfer. Challenge Points will become account shared per game world in a later update.
- Zezenium ores are preserved on transfer.

The following restrictions apply:

-Character level is capped at level 200 on all worlds. Skills cap at level 100. Magic level caps at level 75.
-Achievement & Bestiary progress is preserved on transfer.
- Only Premium Shop items, outfits, pets, collectibles and container items can be transferred. Other inventory & depot contents are lost on transfer.
- Most quest progress is reset on transfer.

See you ingame

Create your character now and be prepared to play Season Five as it begins! We hope you are as excited as we are. And of course, keep an eye out for upcoming game & content updates before and during the season!

Zezenia Staff

This week’s Server Save includes the following changes:

Spawn Updates

- Added new Yahgan spawn in Kpunda.
- Added new high level Yahgan spawn in Settlement through Mighty Werebears.
- Adjusted South Ellaria Golems.
- Adjusted South Ellaria Colossal Golems.
- Adjusted Kpunda Yahgans.
- Adjusted Ben Qarassih Giant Beetles.
- Adjusted Ben Qarassih Melket Bombadiers.
- Adjusted some of the Melket spawns between Caerfa and Culthan Ruins.
- Added new Werebear spawn under Culthan Ruins Werebears.
- Adjusted new Hellish Magus spawn in Culthan Ruins.
- Adjusted Goblin spawn north of Bersund.

Game Updates
- Updated Teddy & Sadie NPC trade lists with grand inquisitor, death knight & vanguard sets.
- Added separators to gold amounts in shop, market, bidding windows and bank NPC’s.
- Added rendering engine toggles to the options dialog. The default option is the best for most hardware configurations, but players experiencing low FPS can try changing the renderer.
- The Daily Boss can no longer be looted by party members that have not inflicted enough damage to the boss.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed macOS compatibility down to version Mac OS X 10.15.
- Fixed glitches in fog rendering.
- Fixed glitchy flying fish animations with very high FPS.
- Minor map fixes and updates.

Zezenia Staff

This week's Server Save / Client Update includes the following upgrades:

Game Engine Upgrade

The Zezenia Online game engine has been upgraded with a new graphics backend. Players will see:

Better Performance: most players should see at least a modest increase in their FPS (Frames Per Second). The biggest improvement can be seen on lower end hardware such as laptops, integrated graphics cards, and certain series of graphics cards.

Increased Compatibility: the previous engine based older Direct3D 9 technology has served us well, but encountered increasing performance issues & crashes with modern graphics card drivers. The new renderer makes use of modern technologies and has wide compatibility.

Added Portability: using the new engine we are happy to announce:

macOS & Linux Beta

The all new macOS and Linux clients are now available to download from Steam. The macOS client is an Universal Binary with support for Apple M1/M2 & Intel devices. The Linux client is built for x86_64 devices.

Standalone Mac & Linux releases will be available for download outside of Steam later after a testing period.

Other changes

Quoting Full changelog:

Note: these upgrades are coming to the game tomorrow.
- Readded the Enraged & Elite boost to the Bestiary. This boost can now be stacked with server wide enraged & elite events.
- Slightly increased the base chances of Enraged & Elite monsters spawning.

Zezenia Staff

The Technical Preview client is now live, thanks to all testers!

The Zezenia Online Technical Preview Client is now available! The new client features an updated graphics engine for improved performance and hardware compatibility.

Better Performance: most players should see at least a modest increase in their FPS (Frames Per Second). The biggest improvement can be seen on lower end hardware such as laptops and integrated graphics cards.

Increased Compatibility: the previous engine based older Direct3D 9 technology has served us well, but encounters increasing compatibility and performance issues with modern graphics card drivers. The new renderer is based on modern technologies and has wide compatibility.

Added Portability: the new engine will allow us to provide a native client for macOS and Linux on par with Windows soon.

Please give the Technical Preview client a try and let us know how it works on your computer! There should be no other perceptible changes in the Test Client, so please reply with a bug report if you encounter any regressions.

Zezenia Staff

The Zezenia Online August Game Update is now live! As always, the game client will download the update automatically. You can also download Zezenia Online from the website.

Here's what's new:

New Continent Preview

A new continent of jungle and desert has been settled on by the Ellarian navy. Become one of the first settlers of the desert Base Camp by taking the boat from the Southern Shore. Bring a party with you for the spawns outside the camp, as they are not for the faint of heart.

The first area of the new continent is now open to players above level 100+. New quests and areas are coming in future updates.

Minimap Upgrade

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The new Mini- & World Map provides a comprehensive, unobscured map of the Zezenia Online game world. Look up markers & quests using the renewed World Map dialog. Find hints on where to go next using the Quest Log's integrated maps.

Bestiary Improvements

Get a new Loot Boost from the Bestiary! Personal to each player, loot boosts are purchased using collectibles from the monster's loot table. Each boost lasts two hours and has a one hour cooldown.

Save space in your bags with new autoloot controls. Simply click items in the Bestiary to toggle them from being picked up by pets and loot shortcuts.

New Spawns & Mechanics

A dozen new spawns have been added to both the New Continent and existing areas. New mechanics found in some of these spawns include:

Random Spawns rotate between monsters of the same type. Find newly added groups of Lizard Warriors/Guardians/Spellweavers, Mighty Werebears/Mighty Magician Werebears, Devil/Demons and Devil/Soul Devourer/Punishers.

Pillars of Power give a 25% damage buff to nearby monsters marked by a golden aura. Killing a monster within range of a Pillar of Power grants a 7.5% XP boost in exchange. Pillars of Healing heal monsters near them every three seconds.

Fire Traps throw deadly flames on a one, two or three second interval. Don't step on these flames, or you will take significant damage!

Enchanting Adjustments

The chance of upgrading a tier when enchanting an existing item has been raised. All bosses now drop equipment that is at least of Epic tier.

Full changelog

- Upgraded the World Map to display the full game map.
- Added a map to the Quest Log dialog when viewing quests with map markers.
- Added a personal Loot Boost to the Bestiary. Loot boosts are purchased using collectibles from the monster.
- Added per-item autoloot controls. Click items in the bestiary to toggle automatic looting.
- Remaining potion buffs are now saved and restored between character logins.
- Drunk players no longer stumble while standing still in PvP combat.
- Increased the chance of Enchanting an item up a tier.
- Set the respawn timer of Birlusk Thyns, Bliatheroith, Galiantors, Jovsrettok, Keogruteras, Villumb, Wanu and Zor'Varuk to 6 minutes.
- Dropped equipment from bosses is now always of at least Epic tier.
- Added Pillars of Power & Pillars of Healing that buff nearby monsters.
- Added random spawn groups & pillars to Mighty Werebears spawn.
- Added random spawn groups & pillars to Hardcore Devils spawn.
- Added random spawn groups to Lizard Spellweaver spawn east of Millshan Village.
- Added new hardcore Lizard Hunting Zone in Millshan Village.
- Added new Lizard Spellweaver spawn in Millshan Village.
- Added Colossal Ice Golem & Ice Demon spawn under Birlusk Thyrns.
- Added Archangel, Gladiator, Devastator spawn in Culthan Ruins.
- Tweaked the Yahgan Barbarian spawn in Kpunda.
- Added ground Fire Traps that inflict damage on players.
- Added protection zone to Daily Boss entrance.
- Added exhaust animation to health & mana potions.
- Added enchanting to missing grand inquisitor, death knight, vanguard, ceremonial skirt, golden axe items.
- Removed maximum premium card limit on house bids.
- Adjusted some bestiary monsters.
- Fixed incorrect tooltips being shown in multiple floor buildings.
- Fixed unusable stones showing as usable when hovered.
- Minor map bug fixes.

Zezenia Staff