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Zezenia Season Four begins next Friday July 8th 19:00 (UTC). Create your character in advance now on the Seasonal World Everest!

Everest is a Staged Speed Rate Game World. The experience rate starts at 10x dropping every 50 levels down to 1x. Skills advance at a 3x rate.

As usual, the Ice Islands, Aranaguan Forests & Ben Qarassih serve as the rotating PvP-Enforced war continents. They have added enraged & elite monsters plus an additional +25% XP boost. All other areas are non-PvP.

Reserve your name in advance now and be prepared for Season Four!

Win Season Points & Rewards

Players on Everest will gain Season Points for levelling up, completing achievements & quests, clearing dungeons, slaying bosses & elite monsters and more!

Season Points will be saved on your Zezenia Account at the end of the season. Points can be exchanged for Premium Time, Outfit & Pet Scrolls, exclusive decorations and more. The Season Points Shop will be open for business again shortly after the season ends.

Quoting Season Points:

Level up: 1000, 2000, 3000, ... points every 100 levels
Complete quests: 2-10 points per quest
Complete achievements: 10 points per achievement
Finish dungeons: 2 points per dungeon
Loot rare items: 2 points per item
Slay bosses: 2 points per boss
Defeat elites: 1 point per elite
Castle War:: 50 points for victory, 1 point per kill
Bestiary: 1-10 points per monster unlocked, familiarized, mastered
Colosseum: 5, 10, 15, ... points every 10 waves

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Players who reach level 300 will receive the one-time Everest exclusive Phoenix Pet Scroll & Seasonal Outfit Scroll, and as always NPC Rewardo will be handing out gift bags and rewards for playing!

Hall of Fame

The most legendary players of Everest will join the champions in Zezenia Online's Hall of Fame! Here are all high scores up for contest this season:

Top 3 Season Points
Top 3 Levels
Top 3 Classes
Top 3 Subclasses
Top 3 Skills
Top 3 Colosseum Champions
Top 3 Dungeons Completed (> level 100)
Top 3 Bestiary Masters
Top 3 Boss Killers

Event Calendar

Season Four opens with an entire week of Rapid Respawn! Keep an eye out for the upcoming Event Calendar, which will show the next month's upcoming events in advance. Don't miss an event again by checking the Event Calendar regularly.

End of Season

Season Four is on until October 31st, 2022. There are no transfers this time around: instead, the Season Points you collect will be worth your while!

Once Everest closes, you may restart your character on the other Game Worlds or reserve the name for the next season. Unlocked outfits & pets remain on the character, and you may choose to save the exclusive pet & outfit scrolls for another world.

Create your character now and be prepared to play Season Four as it begins!

Zezenia Staff

The Zezenia Colosseum Update has been released! As always, your client will update automatically, and you can download Zezenia Online from the website or Steam.

Here's what's new:

Enter the Colosseum

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By orders of the King: the Ellarian poor quarters Colosseum has been renovated for a grand spectacle. Does your party have what it takes to set a record in the ring?

Up to five players may enter the Colosseum at a time. By battling increasingly tougher waves of monsters, they may set a new record in the High Scores.

Entrance to the Colosseum costs 500 gold per player level. There is no experience gain, loot dropped or death loss in the arena.

New Pets

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Adopt the cute Fairy pet companion from the Pet Shop! The fairy flaps her wings while picking up loot and healing you.

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Or show off your devilish side with the Devilkin pet! This little devil stays by your side, always giving off a bad influence...

Extra Talent Points

Bonus Talent Points can now be unlocked by:

- Reaching level 50 in Fishing, Gathering & Brewing

- Completing 200 dungeons

- Reaching 500 Achievement Points

Zezenia Season Four

Zezenia Season Four drops next month. Look out for the details in the coming days...

Quoting Changelog:

- Added the Colosseum, a new special arena featuring increasingly tougher waves of monsters. Players may enter by themselves or in parties of two to five players.

- Added extra talent points for reaching level 50 in Fishing, Gathering & Brewing, completing 200 Dungeons & reaching 500 Achievement Points.

- Added new Fairy and Devilkin pets.

- Fixed locators not using the NPC Conversation tab.

- Fixed conversation issues with the "Let Numbers Speak!" quest.

Zezenia Staff

This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Raid Week Event: increased raids until next Wednesday.

- Slightly expanded Chenoo and Soul Devourer spawns.

- Fixed pushing players standing on the same tile as a pet.

Zezenia Staff

This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Added new Zant'Kua island: Murderous Cave Crabs & Unholy Dreadlords.

- Fixed pushing dogs and other low level monsters.

Zezenia Staff

Server Save changelog

This week's Server Save includes the following fixes:

- Fixed mob movement speed issues.

- Fixed pets interfering with quests that require monsters to be cleared.

- Fixed unusable objects showing a mouseover effect.

- Temporarily reverted previous gathering spawn changes for final tweaks.

Double Challenge Points Week

Get 100% (kill) or 50% (collect) extra Challenge Points from all Osvald & Thorvald tasks this week! The event is on until the next Server Save.

Zezenia Staff