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We are hard at work on updates for Zezenia, and want to share a sneak peek at some of the things we're working on!

Update Teaser

The map of Zezenia will be expanded by three locations. The first of them, Geltharia, will be reworked: large spawns of well-known monsters (including Horned Dragons, Evil Eyes, Volcanic Golems, Geck'Zards and more) will appear here. In addition, Geltharia will become the habitat of horned dragon's bosses and Geck'zahs - extremely precise and deadly assassins.

A brand new jungle area awaits, which no adventurer has crossed before! Discover challenging quests and new items, but be careful: nobody knows what lurks deep in the vegetation! The new areas have been inhabited by lizards, which will be decent opponents against high level players.

Here is a peek at some of the new monsters:

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Completing daily tasks from Osvald and Thorvald will reward you with Challenge Points, which can be exchanged for free premium time, experience boost scrolls, dungeon entry tickets, reduced training exhaust, seasonal rewards and more! Each completed kill task will also reduce the training exhaust by 8 - 43 minutes.

In addition, we're working on changes to fishing, the new player experience, and more. We hope to ship a smaller update soon, and the new areas later on. Stay tuned for more news!

Double Experience Weekend

A double experience event will be held on all servers from Thursday 7th (00:00 UTC) to Monday 11th (23:59 UTC)! Don't miss this chance to level up your character, and bring a friend with you on your hunts!

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff
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