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Zezenia Online 7.1.1 is here! As always, the update will download automatically when you log in. Alternatively, you can download the client here. Steam users may need to restart to initiate the update. Here's what's new:

Collect Challenge Points for rewards

By completing your daily training tasks from Osvald or Thorvald, you will receive Challenge Points, which can be exchanged for free items! Get free premium time, dungeon entrance tickets, experience boost scrolls, and more. The available items will change from time to time, so keep an eye out for seasonal rewards!

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Premium Card changes

Premium Cards can now be exchanged for Premium Time Scrolls, Experience Boost Scrolls and Dungeon Entry Tickets in the Premium Shop. These items can be traded, and the more you buy at a time, the better the deal gets! For example, 90 days of premium time scrolls can be bought for 60 cards.

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Ruthless Execution

Ruthless Execution is a new Rogue spell to finish off a dying opponent!

Critical Healing

Casting healing spells now has a chance of blessing you with a Critical Heal!

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Quest Markers on the minimap

To help new players navigate Eidos, beginner quests are now indicated by a question mark on the minimap. Unsure of what to do next? Expand the map and check all the markers near you for hints.

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And more

You will notice some changes to equipment as well! A new Physical Resistance stat has been introduced and many items now have additional/modified stats. Finally sell your quivers to the nearest merchant. The full changelog:

- Added Challenge Points to training tasks beyond level 30. Challenge Points can be exchanged for items and bonuses, such as premium time, training exhaust reduction, dungeon tickets and unique weapons.

- Added Premium Time Scrolls and Dungeon Entry Tickets. Premium time is available as 7, 30 and 90 day scrolls. One dungeon ticket pays entrance into any dungeon.

- Added Training Exhaust Reduction by performing kill tasks (depends on difficulty, legth and randomity of task; reduction between 8-43 minutes)

- Added Ruthless Execution, a Rogue spell.

- Added Critical Heals.

- Added a new Physical Resistance statistic to equipment. Equipment statistics have been rebalanced. Certain rings have been restricted by class.

- Enlarged the area of effect for Cross of Annihilation slightly.

- Added quivers to shop NPC's.

- Added three new quests to Eidos. Small changes to Eidos quests.

- Added quest markers on the map for Eidos beginner quests. Improved the order of quest log newbie hints.

- Reduced the Ellaria level requirement to level 15.

- New rare fish have been added.

- The talents button is highlighted when there are unused points.

- Added a button to the Game Manual ingame.

- Updated Protection Zone and Blessing status icons.

- Bug fixes.
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