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Collection Event

Keep an eye out for elite monsters, for they may drop a limited time event essence. Can you return a hundred (100) pieces of essence to Rewardo's cousin Evento and summon a 48 hour Double XP Event?

The event begins right after all the pieces of essence are returned. Be quick, as Evento is leaving town soon! You may find him upstairs of the Ellaria depot.

The donator with most pieces of essence returned will receive an exclusive event trophy.


This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Atlas: moved PvP zone to the Ice Islands.

- Added limited time event essence drop to elite monsters.

- Quest & task kill counters are now shared with players that inflict at least 25% of damage to a monster.

- Ethereal Displacement may now be used in PvP areas on any target.

- Fixed sprite issues with Vase of Destruction.

Zezenia Staff
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