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A new Zezenia Online game update has been released. The game client will download the update automatically, and you can always download Zezenia from the website. Here’s what’s new:

Game Tooltips

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Get all the information about an item with newly added Game Tooltips. Part of the expanding Zezenia Library, Item Tooltips are available on the game screen, inventory, containers & bestiary.

Tooltips feature detailed item attributes, including equipment stats, level & class requirements, potion buffs & durations and more. Additional data will be added to tooltips over time, so stay tuned.

New Monsters

The mythic Templar Knights of Tarmell have returned to claim back dominion of their historic castle! The legends were true after all. Do you have what it takes to battle the templars?

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Keep an eye out for the undead Soul Harvesters looking for the next victim. These monsters are on the high end of the Bestiary, so rookie adventurers better steer clear!

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

1000 Stack Size

The maximum size for an item stack is now 1000.

Full Changelog

- Added the Templar Knight, Templar Priest and Soul Harvester monsters to the Tarmell area. These high level monsters pack a punch and belong to the high end of the Bestiary. Only experienced adventurers should try their luck.
- Added new monsters and collectibles to Elsa shop list & Osvald/Thorvald tasks.
- Added Game Tooltips featuring detailed information about equipment, potions and other items.
- Raised the item maximum stack size to 1000.
- Improved scroll bar usability. Added hold click to repeat scrolling.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the next Zezenia Online update! We will be holding a new Test Server on class balancing changes in the coming weeks, and there is plenty more to come.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff
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