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The Test Server is currently closed for the next round of changes.

This is the initial test of our Balancing Roadmap in a series of many changes. The aim of the first Test Server is to bridge the experience/hour gap between classes. We hope to strike a fair balance by adding new buffs and without making any major nerfs. These new changes apply to player vs monster combat only.

Please have the patience to work with us towards the optimal changes!


- Buffed Sweeping Swipe to scale approximately by player level. Maximum damage has a soft cap at 500 points.
- Decreased cooldown of Cleave to two (2) seconds. Reduced damage by 15%.


- Added Ricochets to Offensive Imminence and Belligerent Focus buffs. When active, one or two ricochets may split from the target towards other nearby monsters. Ricochets inflict 50% and 25% damage respectively.
- Decreased cooldown of Hellish Volley to three (3) seconds.


- Buffed Advanced Soul Fire to scale closer by player level. Maximum damage has a soft cap at 500 points.
- Buffed the damage of Hailstorm, Thunderbolt, Rock Thrust, Soul Incinerator, Life Drain & Deathblow by 10%.
- Reduced radial damage of Inferno towards edges by approximately 20%.
- Reduced cooldown of Cross of Annihilation to two (2) seconds.


Quoting Changes & fixes:

- Added item tooltips to the trade window.
- Added a gold star to equipment attributes that are the top in their category.
- Increased drop rate of Templar collectibles.
- Fixed button appearance after resizing panels.
- Fixed chat log scroll bar issues.
- Fixed incorrect potion stats on tooltips.

Please let us know what you think!

Zezenia Staff
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