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Continuing Rapid Respawn

We hear your feedback on respawn rates in Zezenia Online and are taking a look at making changes where needed. In the meanwhile, Rapid Respawn continues for the following week with a slightly reduced rate.

Server Save changelog

This week’s Server Save includes the following changes:

Quoting Full changelog:

- Added a chat notification for redeemable referral rewards on login.
- Added base stats to the Demonslayer. Upgraded the minimum tier of all 4K items to Legendary. Existing items must be enchanted once to complete the upgrade.
- Adjusted level of dark gauntlets & emerald armor to Medium.
- Added Enchanting to a mystic medallion, horned Y face barbute, Belgian crossbow pistol, thunder maul.
- Removed Enchanting from mail of cruelty.
- Dungeons can now be completed if less than three monsters were missed and are still alive.
- The Humanoid Lair and The Orcish Complex can now be accessed singleplayer.
- Spells can no longer be casted in Training Grounds. Training Dolls can no longer be used from outside the area.
- Added a small amount of magic level training to Eidos beginning quests for warrior & ranger.
- Reduced sale price of beginner rings to 20000 gold.
- Reduced sale price of honeycombs and carrots to 15 and 10 gold.
- Raised Fate of Isaac level requirement to level 60. Replaced reward with a warlord helmet.

- Fixed an issue causing invalid & missing data in the market dialog.
- Fixed loot messages not appearing for other party members with an active pet.
- Fixed pets staying visible when using invisibility.

Zezenia Staff
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