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This week’s Server Save includes the following updates:

Quick Looting

Haven’t adopted a Pet for automatic loot yet? Make your life easier with the new Quick Loot function! Simply hold down Shift + right click and hover over nearby bodies to pick up loot. Opening the bodies one by one is no longer necessary.

Respawn Rate Updates

The respawn rates of many mid range monsters have been reduced and harmonized. Please check the ingame Bestiary for the latest values.

Expanding Elite Monsters

A dark curse has been cast upon the realm bringing spawn to new Elite monsters. Starting today all mobs with >= 200 experience may spawn with Elite status in addition to Enraged status. Like other Elite monsters they deal added damage, grant additional experience and drop nearly certain rare loot.

Shop Improvements

Game Tooltips are now enabled in NPC shops for easy access to all item details. The current count of an item in the player’s bag is now shown next to offers.

Other Fixes

- Fixed Haste potion duration tooltip.
- Fixed monster paralyze & Chivo Barbed Arrow shooting through walls.

Zezenia Staff
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