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The Technical Preview client is now live, thanks to all testers!

The Zezenia Online Technical Preview Client is now available! The new client features an updated graphics engine for improved performance and hardware compatibility.

Better Performance: most players should see at least a modest increase in their FPS (Frames Per Second). The biggest improvement can be seen on lower end hardware such as laptops and integrated graphics cards.

Increased Compatibility: the previous engine based older Direct3D 9 technology has served us well, but encounters increasing compatibility and performance issues with modern graphics card drivers. The new renderer is based on modern technologies and has wide compatibility.

Added Portability: the new engine will allow us to provide a native client for macOS and Linux on par with Windows soon.

Please give the Technical Preview client a try and let us know how it works on your computer! There should be no other perceptible changes in the Test Client, so please reply with a bug report if you encounter any regressions.

Zezenia Staff
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