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This week’s Server Save includes the following changes:

Spawn Updates

- Added new Yahgan spawn in Kpunda.
- Added new high level Yahgan spawn in Settlement through Mighty Werebears.
- Adjusted South Ellaria Golems.
- Adjusted South Ellaria Colossal Golems.
- Adjusted Kpunda Yahgans.
- Adjusted Ben Qarassih Giant Beetles.
- Adjusted Ben Qarassih Melket Bombadiers.
- Adjusted some of the Melket spawns between Caerfa and Culthan Ruins.
- Added new Werebear spawn under Culthan Ruins Werebears.
- Adjusted new Hellish Magus spawn in Culthan Ruins.
- Adjusted Goblin spawn north of Bersund.

Game Updates
- Updated Teddy & Sadie NPC trade lists with grand inquisitor, death knight & vanguard sets.
- Added separators to gold amounts in shop, market, bidding windows and bank NPC’s.
- Added rendering engine toggles to the options dialog. The default option is the best for most hardware configurations, but players experiencing low FPS can try changing the renderer.
- The Daily Boss can no longer be looted by party members that have not inflicted enough damage to the boss.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed macOS compatibility down to version Mac OS X 10.15.
- Fixed glitches in fog rendering.
- Fixed glitchy flying fish animations with very high FPS.
- Minor map fixes and updates.

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