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Zezenia Season Six begins this Friday May 10th at 19:00 (UTC)! Check the countdown in your local time on the home page. Season Six marks the opening of Avalon, a PvP Speed Rate Seasonal World:

- Players have a have a staged 10x to 5x experience rate from levels 100, 200, 300, 400 to 500. Skills advance at a 3x rate.
- The entire world is PvP with the classic skull system in place. Characters under level 30 are non-PvP and can not participate in combat.
- A red skull (unjustified combat) is now visible to all players in range.
- Kill limits are raised for a speed rate: five (5) in 24 hours, ten (10) in 72 hours, fifteen (15) kills a week. A black skull lasts for three (3) days.
- Season Points can be gained for PvP kills, with restrictions.

Create your character and reserve your name in advance now! Will you be one of the legends to be immortalized in this season's Hall of Fame?

Upcoming Balancing Changes

A balancing Test Server will open tomorrow Wednesday 8th after a new Game Update. Help us set the right balance before the season begins!

Seasonal Rewards

Season Five players who reach level 500 will receive the Seasonal Outfit Scroll and the rare Chicken Pet Scroll! Players can choose to consume the scrolls on their seasonal character or take them to permanent worlds.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

NPC Rewardo will also make a return at the Ellaria depot handing out seasonal gift bags for reaching level 100 milestones.

Win Season Points & Rewards

The Season Points system returns for Season Six. Players will gain Season Points for leveling up, completing achievements, slaying rare monsters and for the first time high level kills in PvP combat. Complete the following activities to gain points:

Quoting Season Points:
Level up: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 every 100 levels up to level 500
Complete quests: 2-10 points per quest
Complete achievements: 10 points per achievement
Finish dungeons: 2 points per dungeon
Loot rare items: 2 points per item
Defeat higher level players: 20 points per kill (* Restrictions apply)
Slay bosses: 2 points per boss
Defeat elites: 1 point per elite
Castle War:: 50 points for victory, 1 point per kill
Bestiary: 1-10 points per monster unlocked, familiarized, mastered
Colosseum: 5, 10, 15, ... points every 10 waves

Season Points can be exchanged for valuable items on the Season Points Shop after the season ends. Some of the items that will be available include:

-Outfit & Pet Scrolls
-Premium Time Scrolls
-Training Refill Scrolls
-Stamina Refill Scrolls
-Seasonal Mystery Bags
-Potion, Brewing & Fishing Packs
-And more!

PvP kill points: points are only gained when killing a higher level player. Points are not gained from killing a player in the same account. Maximum 1 kill/opponent a day. Maximum 5 kills a day. Points are not gained when in murder state. The staff reserves the right to remove gained points in case of any abuse of game logic or other malicious behavior.

Hall of Fame

The most legendary players of Avalon will join the champions in Zezenia Online's Hall of Fame! Here are all high scores up for contest this season:

Quoting Hall of Fame titles:
Top 3 Season Points
Top 3 Levels
Top 3 First to Level 500
Top 3 Classes
Top 3 Subclasses
Top 3 Magic Level/Melee/Distance/Defending
Top 3 Gathering/Fishing/Brewing
Top 3 Colosseum Champions
Top 3 Dungeons Completed (> level 100 excluding daily boss)
Top 3 Bestiary Masters
Top 3 Boss Killers

End of Season

Season Five is on for 60 days until Tuesday July 9th, 2024. Transfers to permanent worlds will open at this time.

- Bank gold will be converted to noble Zezenian coins at a rate of 300 000 gold to one coin.
- Challenge Points accumulate at a 10x rate and will be preserved on transfer.
- Zezenium ores are preserved on transfer.

The following restrictions apply:

-Character level is capped at level 200 on all worlds. Skills cap at level 100. Magic level caps at level 75.
-Achievement & Bestiary progress is preserved on transfer.
- Only Premium Shop items, outfits, pets, collectibles and container items can be transferred. Other inventory & depot contents are lost on transfer.
- Most quest progress is reset on transfer.

See you ingame

Create your character now and be prepared to play Season Six as it begins!

Zezenia Staff
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