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The Second Round of the Public Test Server is now open for testing! The Test Server is based on a snapshot taken on 2024-05-27, so all of your character's progress may not be reflected.

Download the latest test client HERE.

Balancing Changes Round II

- Buffed damage of Cleave. Added reduced Cleave damage behind the player.

- Buffed damage of Mortal Melody. Mortal Melody now heals players in range.

- Buffed Precision.

- Extended the area of Hellish Volley.

- Reduced Traps cooldown to 16 seconds from 18 seconds.

- Fixed Critical Continuum to 100% of hits.

Balancing Changes

- Reduced the damage of Cross of Annihilationís second wave by half.

- Buffed the radial damage of Inferno reducing damage loss near the edges.

- Buffed the damage of Cleave by 15%.

- Buffed the damage of Holy Sword by 10% and lowered cooldown to 15 seconds.

- Adjusted Fire Shield to 16% health/12% mana negation from 10%/18% negation.

- Increased Fortification base negation from 6% to 8%.

- Boosted the second wave of Hailstorm from 33% to 50%.

- Reduce magic level needed for Hellish Volley from 12 to 10.

- Increased area of Mortal Melody by adding a 3x3 at the end, increasing the cost of mana usage from 15 to 150. Added a 2s cooldown and Magic Level 25 requirement.

- Added a 3x3 hit area around the target on Holy Sword that does 50% of main damage.

- Increased damage of Hellish Volley by 15%.

- Ranger ricochets now have a chance of hitting up to four monsters with slightly increased damage.

Season Six configuration

The Test Server is configured with the same experience rate and PvP parameters as the upcoming Season Six server Avalon.

Test Server utilities

As always, the Test Server NPC can be found in the Ellaria depot to switch classes, level up or teleport to various bosses.

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