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A Zezenia Online Game Update has been released. The game client will update automatically. Steam users may need to restart to receive updates.

This week's Server Save includes the following updates:

Enchanting Lock

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Refine your favorite equipment to its finest by setting one or more Enchanting Locks. Using a lock on an attribute will stop it from changing during enchanting. However, locking does not come for cheap: up to three locks can be purchased for varying noble coin prices up to ~100 million gold.

Loot Counters

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Automatic Loot Counters have been added to the Bestiary & Item Library. Keep track of how many items of each type you have looted during your career by item or monster type and equipment tier. Four new loot related Achievements have been added, two of which are secret.

Battle List Toggle

The appearance of specific monsters in the Battle Window can now be controlled in the Bestiary. Should you wish to temporarily see a hidden monster again, hold down the Shift key.

Full Changelog

Quoting Full changelog 2024-05-24:
- Added the ability to automatically loot ground items using Shift + Right Click.
- Added empty vial and barrel icons options to item labels.
- Fixed blinking buff tooltips during stamina or training changes.
- Fixed pet buffs not working.
- Fixed issues purchasing bestiary boosts.
- Fixed home training doll offline training issues.

Zezenia Staff
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