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A Zezenia Online Game Update has been released. The game client will update automatically. Steam users may need to restart to receive updates.

This update includes the following changes:

Cursor Spells

Cursor Spells allow players to aim areal spells using the mouse. The area of effect for each spell is drawn over the map.

Hellish Volley, Meteor Shower & Hailstorm can now be toggled between single target and cursor targeting.

Creature Tooltips

Creature tooltips display relevant information about a hovered player, pet or monster.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

The visibility of tooltips can now be toggled in the settings by item, monster & player type individually.

New Talents & Buff Durations

The duration of common buff spells such as Speed Boost now increases with the player’s level. Every ten (10) levels gained will increment the length of affected spells.

Newly added Luck, Magic & Dodge Talents allow high level players to further prolong their buffs and increase stats by 0.25% per point.

Balancing Changes

Buffed damage of Cleave. Added reduced Cleave damage behind the player.

Buffed damage of Mortal Melody. Mortal Melody now heals players in range.

Buffed Precision.

Extended the area of Hellish Volley.

Reduced Traps cooldown to 16 seconds from 18 seconds.

Fixed Critical Continuum to 100% of hits.

Full Changelog

- Added Creature Tooltips on hover to players, pets and monsters. Tooltips show a creature's health & a player or pet's level, owner and guild.
- Added new tooltip toggles by Items, Monsters & Players to the game settings.
- Made a quiver of nature, a deadly quiver, a noble Zezenian quiver, a vanguard quiver, a devilish quiver Enchantable.
- Reduced prices of Enchanting Locks.
- Improved the shop buy/sell list layout to display inventory items first.
- Added shops that an item can be purchased from to the Item Library.
- Updated Meteor Shower animation.
- Updated Boulder Thrower spawns.
- Made it possible to double click a character in the login screen to log in.
- Made it possible to double click an item offer in the shop & premium shop list to buy or sell.
- Made it possible to double click a pet in the pet library to spawn.
- Disabled the right click menu by default (formerly "classic right click").
- Added new CTRL + right click options to other players: Add as friend, Add as foe, Invite to party & Invite to trade.
- Enabled the hover cursor by default.
- Slightly reduced the rate of luck potions dropped by elite monsters. Restricted luck potions to monsters with 1000 or more experience points.
- The same raid can no longer occur twice in a row.
- Fixed Looter & Collector achievement progress display between 0% and 100% not working.
- Fixed Ben Qarassih Catacombs raid not dropping dynamic equipment.
- Fixed incorrect scrollbar sizing when filtering in certain dialogs.
- Fixed a possible client crash.

Zezenia Staff
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