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This week’s Server Save includes the following changes:

Balancing Updates

The balancing changes made for Zezenia Season Six are now live on all game worlds. The public Test Server remains open for the time being, but players will have to redownload the newest client.

Update Changelog

- Added missing clickable keywords to all shop/trade NPC's.
- Added Ammunition, Potion & Empties (potions) item categories.
- Monsters are now sorted in the Battle Window by their absolute health instead of health percentage.
- Monster spawns located on other levels can now be seen in the World Map's ground level view.
- Removed superfluous protection zones in Culthan Ruins spawn.
- The Home Training Doll now grants a 5% skill bonus compared to regular training.
- The Home Brewing Cauldron now grants a random chance to yield extra potions while brewing.
- Fixed looted, purchased or conjured ammunition going to loot bag over the equipped quiver.
- Fixed Quest Log text not updating if the first quest in the quest list has been updated.
- Fixed hovered Battle Window monster blinking when moving.
- Fixed a client crash.

Zezenia Staff
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