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Level 576
8th June 2024 14:09:44 (Last edited 8th June 2024 14:11:08)

Quoting Askja:
I would like to propose the following formula for a new calculation of damage of Sweeping Swipe, to remove that annoying 500 soft cap and the bad feeling of no progression it causes.

(Disclaimer : it is *not* a balance tweak between warriors, but it would be a pity not to take advantage of all that current work to settle it)

D : damage of Sweeping Swipe
M : magic level
S : melee skill
L : level

Formula : D=5+0,01x(30+0.5M)x(L+2min(L,2S))

Explanation :
- the +5 is only here to give a few damage to very beginners
- min(L,2S) is the minimum of both numbers. Needed to avoid too high damage at low levels through skill.
- at low level, the formula reduces roughly to 5+L (as long as L<=2S)(with M=6 you have exactly 5+(33% of 3L)
- at high level (obviouly L>2S) and M=20, the formula reduces to 5+0,4L+1,6S
- the result is D raising "fast" (with level) at beginning, and slow (mainly with skills) at high level, without being capped

Examples (D is rounded below):
- L=1 M=1 S=10 : D=5
- L=15 M=4 S=20 : D=19
- L=50 M=8 S=60 : D=56
- L=100 M=10 S=80 : D=110
- L=300 M=14 S=100 : D=264 (penalization by low skill)
- L=300 M=16 S=130 : D=316
- L=500 M=18 S=150 : D=429
- L=740 M=20 S=190 : D=605 (my char numbers, instead of bad capped 480ish)
- L=1000 M=22 S=220 : D=775 (as you can see, no risk of D becoming too high)

I mean the idea of scaling dmg is always good, i am no fan of caps in that matter. Also the way of explaining it works out pefectly, although the example given is a heavy task if you ask me. Nobody is ever going to reach that L=1000, M22, S220. After idk how many years the highest skill is 211 and JoJo does nothing else but train haha.

I dont know at what level you reach the soft cap, but if anything, i'd say it shouldnt be as based on skills as in that formula. Youll have close to no reward for the time you put in. I'd like to have it more L, M based formula as you get more reward for your time put in rather than being offline 24/7 to gain damage.

Currently, mages gain their dmg mainly by level and weapon attack. Magic level does some increasement but its minimal. Why cant this be for all classes?

And also, i think, after you reach level 1000, why is it a bad thing you hit 1k with sweep swipe, its more than fair after that amount of time, its annoying and demotivating to push a wall and move it 1 inch each month:smartass:

Level 809
8th June 2024 15:59:09 (Last edited 8th June 2024 16:01:08)

I understand your point, any formula has downsides. On another hand, I just wanted to point out everything is possible : just define what you want and with some work you can find the right formula.

For example you can delete S and use only L with any "low" progression formula (like logarithm or square root); personnally I like the use of S because it opens the possibility of smart building char (here, choose melee gear).

Therefore, just take mine as *an example* illustrating it's always possible to remove a cap, and nevertheless obtaining damage which isn't going too far (there is a false cap due to 1,6S part, as S will never be very high, and a no cap part low progression with 0.4L).

(ok, I have to admit, take it also as an attempt to give a ready to use thing by staff :D)

Remark 1 : obviously the "lvl=1000 M=22"example was an exaggerate one, precisely to show that formula has no danger
Remark 2 : a soft cap is never reached, numbers just *tend to reach* the cap. That's why myself I never hit 500 with Sweeping, but around 460-480 for ages (roughly from lvl 550).

Level 489
11th June 2024 05:13:04 (Last edited 11th June 2024 05:15:39)

Quoting Briareu:
To Kiad, we gotta get in mind that all creatures ingame rn are weak comprared to any level 500, specially with those new equipments.

to compare;
a level 500 barb with full set cannot tank/kill a box of templars.
a level 500 paladin can deal with it.

barbarians at that level are "op" to old creatures (thats why LS is meta), game is made for level 300 rn. 500 is too much.

i did things live stream with my acc turnt as paladin that i cannot do with barbarian.

/\ check my vods https://www.twitch.tv/mcallax

we can only discuss real balancing after the release of new and stronger creatures. lets be patient.

I saw your video on twitch of biles as barbarians and as paladin,

barbarian one spell 8x 2400-2500dmg and additional second spell 3-5x 2200, (high mele dmg and nice buff boosting dmg i guess was no added)

as paladin 5x 1900 3x 470, and u tell me if we boost cleave back damage to 75% of urs from 1900 to 1450 and do you think the paladin will be too powerful then?

barb main aoe ,8x 2500 = 20000,
paladin cleave before boosts, 5x1900 +3x470 = 10910
ok u can tell we have swipe 8x-400 = 3200, but u have frontal aoe hits minimum 3 mobs 3x2200 = 6600

I repeat minimum because you can hit much more, which ultimately gives 26,600 dmg per turn for the barbarian and 14,100 for the paladin,
of course I omitted the weapon attack which is much stronger for the barbarian,
I omitted the additional barbarian buff where you destroy everything, which would ultimately give us 50% less damage by the paladin and even more after the buff. And you still think that a paladin would be too strong, exping half as fast as a barbarian after upgrades? omg
King Healer

Level 1100
11th June 2024 10:53:12

Would it be possible to create smart hotkeys? that is, I can change it to whatever letter I want, R,S,T,U,V,B,N,M,K.
Don't just hold ctrl and shift.
Knight Of Devil

Level 408
11th June 2024 12:26:30

Quoting King Healer:
Would it be possible to create smart hotkeys? that is, I can change it to whatever letter I want, R,S,T,U,V,B,N,M,K.
Don't just hold ctrl and shift.

Please that'd be awesome
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